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Ciaran Eugene Gultnieks (born 1970) is a British computer game programmer, whose projects include Star Wars (1988, for home computers), Dogfight (1993), Slipstream 5000 (1995) and Hardwar (1998)[1] for the PC. He is the founder of F-Droid and contributes to the microblogging platform StatusNet.


Gultnieks was the first employee at Vektor Grafix,[2] later moving on to work for Microprose and Spectrum Holobyte.[3] In 1993, he co-founded development house The Software Refinery,[4] which closed its doors in 2002.[5] In recent years he has contributed to various open source software projects.[6] In 2010, he founded the F-Droid software repository, a catalogue of FOSS applications for the Android platform.[7][8]


He is credited on the following games:[9]

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