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CTIA - The Wireless Association (previously the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association), the membership organization founded in 1984 to represent wireless communications companies in the United States, developed a process and protocol with the leading data clearinghouses at the time, namely GTE, now Syniverse, and Appex Lunayach Systems, to exchange call record information and invoice and pay each other for providing this service.

The protocol developed required the use of a standard record format. The standard record scheme that was developed was called the cellular inter-carrier billing exchange roamer (CIBER) record and the function known as CIBER Roaming Settlement System (also known as financial clearing and settlement) was developed and provided as a service to the members of CTIA by the CTIA.

Eventually the CTIA decided to create a separate financial entity to perform this function and in 1988, Cibernet was created, initially spelled "CIBERNet." Cibernet's role since its inception has been to define, develop and maintain the CIBER roaming settlement system.

Following the success of roaming in the United States analog advanced mobile phone systems (AMPS) market, Cibernet established a London operation in 1995 to provide financial clearing settlement services to the emerging digital GSM market.

In 2000, Cibernet entered the data clearing market initially focused on the emerging market in India, and provided data clearing operations to over 45 networks in India, Central Asia, South East Asia and the African continent, processing TAP record volumes.

In March 2003, Cibernet was sold by the CTIA to a group of private equity investors including Venturehouse Group and Jeong H. Kim. This group provided significant investment. A web-based software platform and system called One1Clear was developed, which provided an integrated and automated end-to-end clearing and settlement service.

Cibernet announced consulting, tools and services to support wireless communications companies and mobile operators.

In May 2007, CB Holdings, the parent company of Cibernet, was acquired by MACH S.a.r.L, a company owned by Warburg Pincus and based in Luxembourg.[1][2]


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