Circuito di Cagliari

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Coordinates: 39°11′57″N 9°8′6″E / 39.19917°N 9.13500°E / 39.19917; 9.13500

Circuito Cittadino di Cagliari
Cagliari circuit.png
Location Cagliari, Italy
Time zone CET, UTC+1
Opened November 2002
Closed November 2003
Major events Euro Formula 3000
Length 2.414 km (1.500 mi)
Turns 18

The Circuito Cittadino di Cagliari was a temporary street circuit that encircled the Stadio Sant'Elia football stadium in Cagliari, Italy.

It was used for two rounds of the Euro F3000 series, in 2002[1] and 2003.[2]


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