Circuito di Cagliari

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Coordinates: 39°11′57″N 9°8′6″E / 39.19917°N 9.13500°E / 39.19917; 9.13500

Circuito Cittadino di Cagliari
Cagliari circuit.png
Location Cagliari, Italy
Time zone CET, UTC+1
Opened November 2002
Closed November 2003
Major events Euro Formula 3000
Length 2.414 km (1.500 mi)
Turns 18

The Circuito Cittadino di Cagliari was a temporary street circuit that encircled the Stadio Sant'Elia football stadium in Cagliari, Italy. The circuit was inaugurated on 10 November 2002. On that weekend the circuit hosted the final race of Euro Formula 3000. After this, the circuit hosted the race the year after, 2003.