Clifton Viaduct

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The viaduct looking in a northerly direction with the Irwell and canal out of frame on the right.

Clifton Viaduct is a Grade II listed stone structure crossing the valley of the River Irwell in Clifton, Greater Manchester, and also the Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal.[1] It is known locally as the "13 Arches". It is currently disused and closed to the public.


The viaduct was constructed in 1846 to carry trains from Manchester to Rossendale along the Manchester, Bury and Rossendale Railway, over the Irwell Valley. It has 13 arches and after crossing the Irwell the railway line used to lead into what was once Clifton Junction railway station. The line was closed in 1966.[2] The viaduct passes another notable structure, Clifton Aqueduct.

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