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Type of site
Collaborative programming tools
Available in English
Owner CollabNet
Commercial Yes
Registration Required
Launched 2012
Current status online

CloudForge is a software-as-a-service product for application development tools and services, such as Git hosting, Subversion (SVN) hosting, issue trackers and Application Lifecycle Management. CloudForge was built on CollabNet’s cloud hosting and integration platform, acquired from in October 2010.[1]


CloudForge was first released in beta on April 30, 2012[2][3] and then officially released on July 30, 2012.[4] CloudForge was built upon, which was founded as CVSDude by Mark Bathie in Brisbane, Australia in 2002. The team relocated to Silicon Valley [5] and renamed to in early 2010,[6] and was acquired by CollabNet in Brisbane, California, in 2010.[7]


At 18:30 EST, 21st Feb 2015, all Cloudforge sites, including the main site went offline.[8] Paid SVN repositories were not available as the sitewide maintenance overran by over 24 hours.[9]


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