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Club Fonograma
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Type of site
Music webzine
OwnerCarlos Reyes
Alexa rankNegative increase 758,014 (April 2014)[1]
Current statusActive

Club Fonograma was a United States-based daily Internet publication established in 2008 that was devoted to music criticism and commentary, music news, mixtapes, podcasts, and artist interviews. Its focus is on global pop and independent music from artists of Spanish, Caribbean, and Latin American origin or background. It was notable for its eclectic and idiosyncratic English-language coverage of mostly Spanish-language music. It was praised as the "Pitchfork of Latin Music"[2] and as "hands down the best go-to music site for indie music out of America and Spain."[3]

Club Fonograma was created in Phoenix, Arizona in 2008 by Carlos Reyes,[4] while attending college in Phoenix. During its run, the site has expanded from a simple music review site and now also covers events such as South by Southwest,[5] the Latin American Music Conference,[6] Vive Latino,[7] and Festival NRMAL.[8] Their coverage has also been praised by American music outlets such as Pitchfork [9] and NPR.[10] The site also won a 2012 IMAS award for "Best Music Website."[11]

From 2008 through 2011, the site curated a mixtape series called Fonogramaticos. These albums contained a mix of unreleased songs from both prominent major-label acts and unsigned or independent artists, and are free for readers to download. A total of fourteen volumes were created in the series. Since then, the site has released annual compilations outside the Fonogramaticos series.

In 2011, the site began its own podcast called the Fonocast, hosted by writer Blanca Mendez. Each month, the Fonocast is centered on a different theme, and has a revolving set of co-hosts, usually other Club Fonograma staff writers.

Club Fonograma Album and Song of the Year winners[edit]

Club Fonograma Album of the Year[edit]

Year Artist Album Nation Source
2007 Calle 13 Residente o Visitante  Puerto Rico [2]
2008 El Guincho Alegranza!  Spain [3]
2009 Emilio José Chorando Apréndese  Spain [4]
2010 Javiera Mena Mena  Chile [5]
2011 Bam Bam Futura Vía  Mexico [6]
2012 Ases Falsos Juventud Americana  Chile [7]
2013 BFlecha βeta  Spain [8]
2014 Diosque Constante  Argentina [9]

Club Fonograma Song of the Year[edit]

Year Artist Song Nation Source
2008 El Guincho Palmitos Park  Spain [10]
2009 Natalia Lafourcade Azul  Mexico [11]
2010 Javiera Mena Luz de Piedra de Luna  Chile [12]
2011 Los Claveles Nacional 42  Spain [13]
2012 Mañaneros Baby Tropical  Chile [14]
2013 Füete Billēte La Trilla (Móntate Aquí)  Puerto Rico [15]
2014 Javiera Mena Otra Era  Chile [16]
2015 Playa Gótica Reptil No Gentil  Chile [17]

Club Fonograma Top 10 Albums of the Decade (2000-2009)[edit]


Order Artist Album Country
1 Café Tacuba Cuatro Caminos  Mexico
2 Javiera Mena Esquemas Juveniles  Chile
3 Porter Atemahawke  Mexico
4 Julieta Venegas Bueninvento  Mexico
5 Calle 13 Residente o Visitante  Puerto Rico
6 Emilio José Chorando Apréndese  Spain
7 Natalia Lafourcade Hu Hu Hu  Mexico
8 Triángulo de Amor Bizarro Triángulo de Amor Bizarro  Spain
9 El Guincho Alegranza!  Spain
10 En Ventura Los Gandharvas  Mexico

Club Fonograma Top 10 Songs of the Decade (2000-2009)[edit]


Order Artist Song Country
1 Javiera Mena Al Siguiente Nivel  Chile
2 Calle 13 Atrevete-te-te!  Puerto Rico
3 Triángulo de Amor Bizarro El Fantasma de la Transición  Spain
4 Hello Seahorse! Bestia  Mexico
5 Julieta Venegas Lento  Mexico
6 Café Tacuba Eres  Mexico
7 Celso Piña ft. Control Machete & Blanquito Man Cumbia Sobre el Río  Mexico
8 Porter Cuervos  Mexico
9 Rita Indiana y los Misterios La Hora de Volvé  Dominican Republic
10 Natalia Lafourcade Azul  Mexico


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