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Coalfields Highway, formerly known as Coalfields Road, is a Western Australian highway linking Roelands (near Bunbury) on the South Western Highway with Arthur River on the Albany Highway. It is signed as State Route 107 and is about 125 km long.

It is the main road to the key mining town of Collie,[1] and passes through mining, forest and agricultural areas with stands of jarrah, wandoo and flood gum nearby.[2] It also traverses the towns of Allanson and Darkan. The section between Collie and Allanson was upgraded in 2010–2011 by increasing the lane and shoulder widths, realigning some of the worst of the winding road sections, lessening some curves, and other improvements.[3]

Route 107 continues beyond Arthur River to Wagin, Dumbleyung, Lake Grace, Newdegate and Lake King, meeting up with South Coast Highway (Route 1) a few kilometres from Ravensthorpe.

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