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Coalition Labour was a description previously used by the Labour Party in support of candidates in the 1918 General Election who supported the ruling coalition. Only two, John Robert Bell and James Parker, received a Coalition Coupon, and they were wrongly identified in official coalition literature as Coalition National Democratic and Labour Party and Coalition Liberal candidates, respectively.[1] The National Democratic and Labour Party was a separate organisation which also supported the Coalition and had a background in the Labour Party.

There were five candidates in the 1918 General Election, of whom four were successful:

Constituency Candidate Votes Percentage Position Sponsor
Cannock Parker, JamesJames Parker 1  ?
Glasgow Gorbals Barnes, George NicollGeorge Nicoll Barnes 14,347 65.9 1  ?
Kingston-upon-Hull South West Bell, John RobertJohn Robert Bell 5,005 30.9 2 Sailors
Norwich Roberts, George HenryGeorge Henry Roberts  ?
Stockport Wardle, George JamesGeorge James Wardle Unopposed N/A 1  ?


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