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Coalition Labour was a description previously used by the Labour Party in support of candidates in the 1918 General Election who supported the ruling coalition. Only two, John Robert Bell and James Parker, actually received a Coalition Coupon, and they were wrongly identified in official coalition literature as Coalition National Democratic and Labour Party and Coalition Liberal candidates, respectively.[1] The National Democratic and Labour Party was actually a separate organisation which also supported the Coalition and had a background in the Labour Party.

There were five candidates in the 1918 General Election, of whom four were successful:

Constituency Candidate Votes Percentage Position Sponsor
Cannock Parker, JamesJames Parker 1  ?
Glasgow Gorbals Barnes, George NicollGeorge Nicoll Barnes 14,347 65.9 1  ?
Kingston-upon-Hull South West Bell, John RobertJohn Robert Bell 5,005 30.9 2 Sailors
Norwich Roberts, George HenryGeorge Henry Roberts  ?
Stockport Wardle, George JamesGeorge James Wardle Unopposed N/A 1  ?


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