Coat of arms of Dominica

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Coat of arms of Dominica
Coat of arms of Dominica.svg
Armiger Commonwealth of Dominica
Adopted 1961
Crest On a ground proper, a Lion rampant Or
Torse Argent and Azure
Escutcheon Quarterly Or and Azure, a cross counterchanged of the field; in the first a coco proper; in the second a Dominican frog proper; in the third on a base barry wavy Argent and Azure, a one-sailed vessel proper; in the fourth a banana tree proper.
Supporters Two sisseron parrots proper
Motto Apres Bondie C’est La Ter (Kwéyòl: Besides God we Love the Soil)

The coat of arms of Dominica was adopted on July 21, 1961. It consists of a shield with two guardian sisserou parrots bracing the shield atop of which is a raging lion. The quadrants of the shield depict a canoe, a banana tree, a palm and a frog of the native species known as the mountain chicken.[1] Below the shield is the national motto: Apres Bondie C'est La Ter (After God the Earth).[2]


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