Coathanga Strangla

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Coathanga Strangla
Lynch chs smalll.png
Studio album by
ReleasedApril 5, 2011
GenreHardcore hip hop, horrorcore, gangsta rap
LabelStrange Music
ProducerTravis O'Guin
Brotha Lynch Hung chronology
Dinner and a Movie
Coathanga Strangla
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3.5/5 stars [1]
HipHopDX4/5 stars [2]

Coathanga Strangla is the 7th studio album from Brotha Lynch Hung. It was released on April 5, 2011. It is the second album released through Strange Music, and second album of the Coathanga Strangla concept trilogy. On February 21 the first song "Mannibalector" was released on the Brotha Lynch Hung Blog.[3] On March 4 the single "Spit It Out" was released. On March 9 the single and video "Coathanga" was released.

Commercial performance[edit]

Coathanga Strangla debuted at number 68 on the US Billboard 200, with approximately 7,300 units sold in the first week.[4] As of April 2011, the album has sold 10,000 copies in the United States.[5]

Track listing[6][7][edit]

1."Working Late (Intro)" (featuring Lauren Brinson & Tabitha McGlothin)Kevin Mann (Brotha Lynch Hung)Phonk Beta2:16
2."The Coathanga" (featuring COS)Kevin Mann, Chris Mathias (COS)Seven4:01
3."Mannibalector" (featuring Crookwood & COS)Kevin MannSeven4:17
4."Look What I Did (Skit)" (featuring Devious)Kevin MannMr. Blap0:52
5."Look It's a Dead Body"Kevin MannDJ Epic4:33
6."Sooner Or Later" (featuring Mr. Blap)Kevin Mann, J. CottonSeven5:29
7."Fucc Off Again (Skit)"Dave WeinerBen Cybulsky, Mike Baiardi0:23
8."Suicide Watch" (featuring Devious, Lauren Brinson, First Degree The D.E., Don Rob)Kevin Mann, Kevin Loggins (Devious)Seven5:37
9."Spit It Out" (featuring COS)Kevin Mann, Chris MathiasSeven4:42
10."Red Dead Bodies" (featuring G-Macc)Kevin Mann, Brandon Elston (G Macc)Seven3:58
11."Blinded By Desire" (featuring Lauren Brinson)Kevin MannSeven3:36
12."Friday Night" (featuring COS)Kevin Mann, Chris MathiasSeven3:40
13."The Visit (Skit)" (featuring Lauren Brinson & Don Rob)Kevin MannJ. Cotton, Robert Rebeck, Kevin Mann1:29
14."I C U" (featuring Tech N9ne)Kevin Mann, Aaron D. Yates (Tech N9ne)Axis4:45
15."I'm Not Perfect" (featuring G Macc, COS & Crookwood)Kevin Mann, Brandon Elston, Chris Mathias, Kenny Rookwood (Crookwood)Dustin Worswick5:43
16."I Don't Think My Momma Ever Loved Me" (featuring Mr. Blap & Irv Da Phenom)Kevin Mann, J. CottonSeven3:50
17."Eating Fingers (Skit)" (featuring Marcell Sanders, Brandon Wade, Alex Glass & Brya Akdersen)Kevin MannJ. Cotton1:04
18."Therapy Session" (featuring Bleezo, Big NoLove, Sav Sicc & Skitso)Kevin Mann, Brandon Wade (Bleezo), Michael Landon Carraway Sr. (Big NoLove), Michael Landon Carraway Jr. (Sav Sicc), Marcell Sanders (Skitso)Phonk Beta4:57
19."It Happens" (featuring First Degree The D.E. & Tall Cann)Kevin Mann, Michael Colen (First Degree The D.E.), Ramon Ross (Tall Cann)Seven4:06
20."Takin' Online Orders" (featuring Tech N9ne)Kevin Mann, Aaron D. YatesSeven3:46
21."Outro" (featuring Lauren Brinson)Kevin MannPhonk Beta1:23
Total length:1:14:39


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