Código F.A.M.A.

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Código F.A.M.A.
Starring Ernesto Laguardia, host
Country of origin Mexico
Running time 1 hour (U.S.)
Original network Televisa
Original release 2003 – 2005
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Código F.A.M.A. is the first reality television show for children in Mexico.


From thousands of auditions, 40 (in season 1), 16 (season 2), 17 (season 3) children are chosen to form the first "phase" of the show, which is called "Código Bronce" or "Code Bronze".

In the second phase, the finalists — 8 (season 1), 6 (seasons 2 and 3) — are revealed. The second phase is called "Código Plata" or "Code Silver".

The third and final phase is reached as a winner is announced and this level is known as "Código Oro" or "Code Gold".

Every participant who reaches a certain "code" receives a medal of the respective metal, i.e., bronze, silver or gold.

Season 1: Código F.A.M.A.[edit]

Winner: Código Oro (Code Gold)[edit]

  • Miguel Martínez

Finalists: Código Plata (Code Silver)[edit]

Alegríjes y Rebujos[edit]

The winner, Miguel Martínez, went on to star in the Mexican soap opera Alegrijes y Rebujos", along with seven others from the final group of eight (María Chacón, Jesús Zavala, Diego González, Nora Cano, Michelle Álvarez, Antonio Hernández and Allisson Lozano). The soap opera was a success, as were the two soundtrack albums that were released from the show. All eight of the actors continued to perform as a musical group with the same name as the soap opera. They toured Mexico and were also involved in the second season of Código F.A.M.A..

Season 2: Código F.A.M.A. 2[edit]

Winner: Código Oro (Code Gold)[edit]

  • Jonathan Becerra

Finalists: Código Plata (Code Silver)[edit]

  • 2nd place: Marijose Salazar
  • 3rd place: Jorge Escobedo
  • 4th place: Alex Rivera
  • 5th place: Brissia Mayagoitia
  • 6th place: J. Sergio Ortiz Pérez

Eliminated: Código Bronce (Code Bronze)[edit]

  • 7th: José Alberto Inzunza
  • 8th: Anhuar Escalante
  • 9th: Elisabet Martínez Saldívar
  • 10th: Claudia Ledón Olguín
  • 11th: Paula Gutierrez D'Esesarte
  • 12th: Viviana Ramos Macouzet
  • 13th: María Fernanda González
  • 14th: Israel Salas Hernández
  • 15th: Ricardo Lorenzo Balderas
  • 16th: Mónica López Alonso

Misión S.O.S.[edit]

The winner went on to star in the novela Misión S.O.S. with three other contestants (Marijose Salazar, Alex Rivera and Anhuar Escalante). Also appearing were contestants from the first season of Código FAMA, including Miguel Martinez (the winner) and Gladys Gallegos in her first TV role. The novela was also a success. They also kept a group with the same name as the novela, toured Mexico and released a soundtrack of the telenovela.

Season 3: Código F.A.M.A. 3[edit]

Winner: Código Oro (Code Gold)[edit]

  • Adriana Ahumada

Finalists: Código Plata (Code Silver)[edit]

  • Miguel Jiménez
  • Fernanda Jiménez
  • Neyzer Constantino

Eliminated: Código Bronce (Code Bronze)[edit]

  • Jesús Trejo
  • Alann Mora
  • Evelin Acosta
  • Maritza Barraza
  • Joel Bernal
  • Cecilia Camacho
  • Ricardo Ceceña
  • Estefania Contreras
  • Mariana Dávila
  • Iván Félix
  • Juan José Huerta
  • Alejandra Leza
  • Mónica López
  • Claritze Rodríguez
  • Joel Bernal

La Fea Más Bella[edit]

There has yet to be a children's telenovela starring Adriana Ahumada. She had a small role in the telenovela by the same producer of the show. She played the daughter of Lola, who is a part of Letty's "Ugly Squad". Also appearing were Miguel Jiménez and Fernanda Jiménez, who also had small roles in La Fea Más Bella, as the son of Paula María and the daughter of Martha (Paula and Martha are also part of Letty's "Ugly Squad").

The winner of Codigo F.A.M.A. International, Elizabeth Suarez, was the only one that could not participate in La fea mas bella because she was living in Dominican Republic. She was supposed to make a soap opera in Mexico, but the project never continued.

International: Código F.A.M.A. Internacional[edit]

This fourth installment began immediately after CF3 concluded. Twenty participants, representing Latin American countries, the United States and Spain, were brought to Mexico to compete for the Code Diamond prize: a recording/acting contract, a music tour of all the twenty participating countries, and scholarships.

Winner: Código Diamante (Code Diamond)[edit]



Eliminated participants[edit]


The winner, Elizabeth María Suárez Rosario, has yet to appear in a TV part or record an album.