Coffin (surname)

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Ethnicity English, French
Current region New England
Southern England
Northern France
Eastern Canada
Earlier spellings Coffyn, de Couffin
Place of origin Normandy
Connected families Pepys, Boscawen, Raleigh, Giffard, Champernowne, Prideaux, Beaumont, Basset, Vernon, Chudleigh, Clifford, Gorges, Courtenay, Manners, various New England families
Estate Portledge
Pine-Coffin marshalled arms

Coffin is an Anglo-Norman surname.

The House of Coffin is an ancient English family which originated in Normandy, France.[1] The Coffins have held a number of manors, the most notable of which is Portledge in Devon, England, which they held for over nine centuries. The progenitor of the American Coffins was Tristram Coffin, a Royalist, who came to Massachusetts from Devonshire in 1642. He was the original proprietor of Nantucket. The American branch is one of the Boston Brahmin, a group of elite families based in and around Boston. Many American Coffins are or were Quakers.

List of persons with the surname Coffin[edit]