Cogswell Tower

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Cogswell Tower from Cogswell Street

Cogswell Tower is part of the Scotia Square Complex in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is used for office and commercial space and stands at 79 metres (259 ft) with 14 floors, plus levels G, P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6 (bottom to top) underneath it, which are part of the parkade that Cogswell Tower rests on. G level is ground level for Barrington Street and connects to the lobby of the Delta Halifax, P1 enters into Scotia Square, and P3 level is ground level for Albemarle (formerly Market) Street. The building is connected to the Downtown Halifax Link system.

The Business Development Bank of Canada's Halifax branch is located here.

Cogswell Tower from top of Barrington Tower
Cogswell Tower between two apartment buildings

Other buildings in the Scotia Square Complex are Duke Tower, Barrington Tower, the CIBC Building, Brunswick Place and Barrington Place. Like all buildings in the complex it is managed by Crombie REIT.

Coordinates: 44°39′0.4″N 63°34′38″W / 44.650111°N 63.57722°W / 44.650111; -63.57722