Coll (letter)

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Aicme Beithe Aicme Muine
Beith Muin
Luis Gort
Fearn nGéadal
Sail Straif
Nion Ruis
Aicme hÚatha Aicme Ailme
Uath Ailm
Dair Onn
Tinne Úr
Coll Eadhadh
Ceirt Iodhadh
Ifín Peith

Coll is the Irish name of the ninth letter of the Ogham alphabet ᚉ, meaning "hazel-tree", which is related to Welsh collen pl cyll, and Latin corulus. Its Proto-Indo-European root was *kos(e)lo-. Its phonetic value is [k].[1]


  1. ^ McManus, Damian (1991). A Guide to Ogam. Maynooth Monographs. 4. Co. Kildare, Ireland: An Sagart. p. 37. ISBN 1-870684-75-3. ISSN 0790-8806. The name of the ninth letter of the alphabet is the word for 'hazel-tree', Old Irish coll, cognate with Welsh collen pl. cyll hazel-tree(s), Latin corulus from the root *kos(e)lo-. The etymology confirms /k/ (as opposed to /kʶ/, see the next letter) as the value of this letter in Primitive Irish.