Aerospace Data Facility-Colorado

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Aerospace Data Facility-Colorado
Part of Buckley Space Force Base
Aurora, Colorado
Aerospace Data Facility-Colorado.PNG
Coordinates39°42′06″N 104°45′06″W / 39.70167°N 104.75167°W / 39.70167; -104.75167 (Buckley SFB)
TypeSatellite ground station
Site information
OwnerUnited States Air Force
Controlled byNational Reconnaissance Office
Garrison information
Col Robert J. Schreiner

Aerospace Data Facility-Colorado (ADF-C) is one of three satellite ground stations operated by the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) in the continental United States. Located within Buckley Space Force Base in Aurora, Colorado, the facility is responsible for the command and control of reconnaissance satellites involved in the collection of intelligence information and for the dissemination of that intelligence to other U.S. government agencies.[1][2] The National Security Agency (NSA) Central Security Service (CSS) Colorado Cryptologic Center (CCC) is co-located with ADF-C and employs around 850 NSA personnel.[3][4][5]

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Coordinates: 39°42′06″N 104°45′06″W / 39.701667°N 104.751667°W / 39.701667; -104.751667