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CommNet is an informal network of communications managers from European Union-funded research projects. It focuses on food quality and safety.

CommNet was established in early 2005 based on an initiative from the Network of Excellence CASCADE. It is an informal network and started with Communicators from about 15 different Integrated Projects and Networks of Excellence. Later, more projects have been added, and the network now counts more than 20 Framework Programme 6 projects supported by the European Commission Directorate General for Research’s Food Quality and Safety Programme.

Consortia with members in CommNet[edit]

About 3000 scientists are fully or partly engaged in the consortia forming the CommNet. The members of CommNet address common issues related to the design and implementation of communication activities within European Union’s funded projects in the health and food sector.

CommNet members are responsible for managing communication of EU food and health research with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), authorities, and other policy-makers that are stakeholders in Community research, European Commission officials, science journalists, especially those with special interest in the biosciences, ongoing FP6 consortia, newly FP6 research consortia, planned European Union Framework Programme 7 (FP7) research consortia and other groups interested in the management of science–society issues or communication of the biosciences.


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