Party of Togolese Unity

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Party of Togolese Unity
Parti de l'unité togolaise
Founder Sylvanus Olympio
Founded 1941
Dissolved 1963
Headquarters Lomé, Togo
Ideology African nationalism
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Party of Togolese Unity (in French: Parti de l'unité togolaise), initially known as the Committee of Togolese Unity (Comité de l'unité togolaise), was a political party in Togo. CUT was formed on 13 March 1941 and led by Sylvanus Olympio. CUT gradually became more radical, and from 1947 onwards it demanded self-determination. In 1951 a moderate wing broke away and formed the Union of Chiefs and Peoples of the North (UCPN). During the period 1951–1958 CUT was the main opposition party in French Togoland, and represented the mainstream of the anticolonialist movement in the territory.

In 1963 CUT changed name to PUT.


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