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Current logo of District 155.

Community High School District 155 is a local school district serving areas of McHenry County, Illinois.

The current Superintendent of this district is Dr. Johnnie Thomas.[1] Community High School District 155 includes the communities of Bull Valley, Burtons Bridge, Cary, Crystal Lake, Fox River Grove, Lake in the Hills, Lakewood, Oakwood Hills, Prairie Grove, and Ridgefield, and the district is approximately 45 miles northwest of downtown Chicago.[2] Enrollment is 6,643 students, as of 2016.[2]


Former logo of District 155.

Community High School District 155 was established on December 6, 1919 by an election.[3]


There are four comprehensive high schools as well as two[citation needed] alternate education centers, grades 9-12, with full recognition and accreditation (State of Illinois and The North Central Association).[citation needed] The five schools are:


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