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Condon (Irish Condún) is a surname that originated in Ireland, and now most common in counties Cork, Limerick and Tipperary. The name is derived from the Anglo-Norman name de Caunteton, which came to Ireland in the 12th Century with the invader Nicholas de Caunteton.

List of people surnamed Condon[edit]

Name Born Died Description

Anne Condon 1982 fl. Irish-Canadian computer scientist
Bill Condon 1955 American screenwriter and film director
Chris Condon 1923 2010 American 3D cinematographer
Davy Condon 1984/1985 Irish National hunt jockey
Dick Condon 1876 1946 Australian rules footballer with the Collingwood Football Club
Edward Condon 1902 1974 American physicist known for the Franck–Condon principle
Eddie Condon 1905 1973 musician
Eilish Condon 1997 Famous midwife [Revolutionised child birthing].
Herbert Thomas Condon 1912 1978 Australian ornithologist
Jack Condon 1909 1967 South-African tennis player
John Condon (disambiguation) several people
Kerry Condon 1983 Irish actress
Lisa Condon 1993 Drainage Engineer / Harry Potter enthusiast
Mike Condon 1990 American professional ice hockey goaltender
Paul Condon, Baron Condon 1947 former Metropolitan Police Commissioner in Greater London, United Kingdom
Richard Condon (disambiguation) several people
Thomas Condon 1822 1907 Irish and American geologist
Thomas Condon (politician) 1938 fl. Irish politician of the 1930s and 1940s
Tom Condon 1952 American sports agent
Tom Condon (hurler) 1987 Irish hurler
William Condon (disambiguation) several people
Zach Condon 1986 American musician from Beirut (band)