Connaigre Peninsula

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Connaigre Peninsula is located in Newfoundland
Connaigre Peninsula
Connaigre Peninsula
Location of Connaigre Peninsula in Newfoundland

The Connaigre Peninsula is a Canadian peninsula located on the south coast of the island of Newfoundland in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Connaigre Peninsula is triangular shaped, separating Bay d'Espoir on the western side and Belle Bay along with Fortune Bay on the east. The peninsula takes its name from a small fishing community that was resettled in 1954 under the Centralization Programme by the Newfoundland government.[1]

Route 360 traverses the length of the Peninsula ending at Harbour Breton. Route 362 extends from Route 360 to communities such as Belleoram, St. Jacques, English Harbour West, Mose Ambrose, Boxey Harbour, St. John Harbour, Coombe's Cove and Wreck Cove. Route 364 extends from Route 360 to communities such as Hermitage-Sandyville, Dawson's Cove, Seal Cove and Pass Island. A ferry from Hermitage travels to Gaultois.


Coordinates: 47°34′N 55°40′W / 47.567°N 55.667°W / 47.567; -55.667