Conservative Presbyterian Church in Brazil

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Conservative Presbyterian Church in Brazil
Theologyconservative Calvinist
ModeratorRev. Clodaldo de Sousa Caldas
Separated fromIndependent Presbyterian Church of Brazil, Presbyterian Church of Brazil

The Conservative Presbyterian Church in Brazil (Portuguese: the Igreja Presbiterianan Conservadora do Brazil) is a confessional Reformed denomination, founded in the mid-1900s.


The Conservative Presbyterian Church in Brazil was official organised in June 27, 1940 after a doctrinal schism in the Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil, after two years of debate and internal discussion on doctrinal issues in the Second Independent Presbyterian Church of Sao Paulo and withdrew the federation to which it belonged and become the Conservative Presbyterian Church of Sao Paulo. The issue was the problem of eternal punishment. The issues of the separation was the Eternal punishment and the question of pure doctrine. In the next year the congregation published the reason of the separation. and adopted the name Conservative Presbyterian Church.[1][2] The first presbytery of the denomination consisted of 11 churches and 5 pastors or ministers. A seminary was organised in 1954. A Missionary Department was formed and as the church began to develop, some churches are among indigenous people.[3]

The elected president is Rev. Clodoaldo de Souza Caldas.[4]



The church consist of more than 64 churches and 5,000 members and 2 Synods.[6] Currently the Church has 8 presbyteries namely the Bandeirante, Brazil, Central, South Central, Guarulhos, West Paulista, Paraná and Paulistano Piratininga presbyteries and 2 Synods the Southeast and Midwestern Synods. The congregations spread across 10 states in Brazil: Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Goiás, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná, Bahia, Rondônia, Acre, Alagoas, and Pernambuco.[7][8][9]

Journal and seminary[edit]

The church publishes its own newspaper the Conservative Presbyterian. It owns a seminary in San Bernando de Campo founded in 1953. In 1983 the denomination founded the Missionary Department and new church plans in various Brazilian cities are underway.


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