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Convoy of Hope
FounderCEO: Hal Donaldson
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Hal Donaldson

Convoy of Hope is a faith-based nonprofit organization founded in 1994 and known for its international programs of feeding and otherwise helping poor people. The organization is part of the missions arm of the Assemblies of God USA. Based in Springfield, Missouri, it also helps in disaster-relief work and has recently begun a science education program in the United States and elsewhere. The CEO is Hal Donaldson.


The organization was founded in California in 1994 to aid in humanitarian relief by Hal Donaldson family. It began by serving Mid-America but has now expanded to other areas.[1] It moved to Missouri some two years later because of its importance to truck transportation. Donaldson chose Springfield because he and his wife had attended Evangel College there.[2]

The convoy had beginnings in a Christian tradition.[1] Hal Donaldson, who later became a journalist and author, said he and his two brothers, Steve and Dave, and a sister founded the organization a quarter century after their father was killed by a drunk driver and their mother was hospitalized. The four, Hal being age 12 at the time, were taken in by neighbors and that response, he said, impelled him to take steps when he grew up to alleviate other people's needs.[2][3][3]

Scope of services[edit]

Convoy of Hope is noted for its disaster-relief work.[4] In the United States thousands of volunteers were organized into programs that provided, among other things, groceries, résumé advice and dental screenings.[1]


For eleven years in a row, Convoy of Hope has earned a four-star rating, the highest, from Charity Navigator, an organization that evaluates charities in the United States.[5]

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