Copa Apertura Segunda División

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The Copa Apertura Segunda División was an official football cup competition for Chilean teams playing only in the second level of the Chilean football system. It was played with irregularity between 1969 and 1990.


Year Champion Runner-up Score Trophy
1969 Naval Ferroviarios 0:3, 3:0 Copa Isidro Corbinos
1970 San Antonio Unido Coquimbo Unido 4:0, 1:2 Copa Isidro Corbinos
1971 Ñublense Ovalle [1] Copa Isidro Corbinos
1973 Aviación Ñublense 3:2 Copa Isidro Corbinos
1979 Huachipato Ovalle 1:0 Copa Polla Gol
1980 San Luis Rangers 2:1 Copa Polla Gol
1981 Arica Santiago Morning 2:0 Copa Polla Gol
1982 Everton Colchagua 2:0 Copa Polla Gol
1983 Huachipato San Luis [2] Copa Polla Gol
1984 Iberia Curicó Unido 2:1, 3:0 Copa Polla Gol
1986 O'Higgins Santiago Wanderers 2:1 Copa Polla Lan Chile
1987 Temuco La Serena [3] Copa Lan Chile
1990 Antofagasta Puerto Montt 2:1 Copa Apertura

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Ñublense win a small final tournament.
  2. ^ Huachipato win a small final tournament.
  3. ^ Deportes Temuco win by points over the tournament.