Supercopa de Chile

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Supercopa de Chile
Founded 2013
Region  Chile
Number of teams 2
Current champions O'Higgins
Most successful club(s) Unión Española
O'Higgins (1 title)
Television broadcasters CDF
Website ANFP Website
2015 Supercopa de Chile

The Supercopa de Chile (Supercup of Chile) is an annual one-match football official competition in Chile organised by the Asociación Nacional de Fútbol Profesional (ANFP).

This competition serves as the season opener and is played between the Primera División Apertura Champions and the Copa Chile Winners of the previous season.[1]

The stadium that hosted the match and the date are defined when the two teams are qualified, for reason of distance between the two clubs. In 2013, the trophy was played in Antofagasta, and in 2014 was played in Santiago.[2]


Season Winners Score Runners-up Venue Attendance
2013 Unión Española 2–0 Universidad de Chile Estadio Regional, Antofagasta 5,523
2014 O'Higgins 1–1
Iquique Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo, Santiago 7,000
2015 TBD 0-0 TBD TBD 0

Performance by clubs[edit]

Performance in the Supercopa de Chile by club
Club Won Runner-up Years won Years runner-up
O'Higgins 1 0 2014 &
Unión Española 1 0 2013 &
Iquique 0 1 &
Universidad de Chile 0 1 &


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