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Background information
GenresElectronica, experimental, pop
Occupation(s)Singer, artist, DJ, producer
Years active1995–present
LabelsMango + Sweetrice, Bit-Phalanx
Associated actsPlaid, The Orb, Kettel, Sutekh

Coppé (pronounced Co-pa'y, often also typed Coppe') is a Japanese electronic music singer-songwriter and music producer. She has released fifteen solo albums on her self-owned Mango + Sweetrice label.

Early life[edit]

Coppé was born and raised in Tokyo. Her real name is Yoshimi, which means pure, good and beautiful in Japanese.[1] She was given the nickname Coppé by her mother because on her birth day she resembled a loaf of bread of the same name.[2]

As a child, Coppé travelled frequently between Japan and Hawaii, and also lived for a while in Arizona. She studied classical piano and ballet from the age of three. As a child she won a "Best Song for Children" of Nihon Record Taisho award (sometimes called "Japanese Grammy") for her song "Peke No Uta", which was released via King Records.[3] She also won a Chibikko Nodojiman award while still in elementary school singing her original song "Red Red Balloon". Also while still a child she began to appear regularly on a weekly NHK TV show "Uta Wa Tomodachi". This led to her getting involved with radio, her first regular show being "All Night Nippon". She later also had shows on FM Tokyo and FM Yokohama. Her English language skills led to her being on NHK show based on learning English. Other TV shows in which she made regular appearances were TBS's "Jikan Desuyo" and "Ginza Now", NTV's "Shower Gang" and the music program "Poppers MTV" where she interviewed many foreign artists including Ray Charles, Bob Marley, James Brown, Madonna, the Police, Cyndi Lauper and Michael Jackson. After her father's death, she relocated to Honolulu in order to be closer to her mother. In Hawaii she also had a radio program on KIKI AM 83.

Mickey Mouse collector[edit]

Coppé also became known as a world class expert and collector of Disney goods, mostly Mickey Mouse related items. She has a vast collection of goods, many from the 1930s, 40's and 50's.

As a musician[edit]

While developing as a radio and TV personality, Coppé continued to write and perform original music. In 1995 she retired from commercial radio to devote herself full-time to music creation.

That year, Coppé moved to the US, establishing Mango + Sweetrice Records from which she released her first, self-produced and self-titled debut album. Coppé's music references many influences from ambient to noise, but is generally electronic, "IDM" and club oriented.

Coppé works with a wide palette of instruments to construct her musical universe. She created her debut album Coppé entirely on a TEAC Reel-to-Reel, transitioning through Yamaha's DX7 to the Nord Lead and her current instrument of choice, Teenage Engineering's versatile OP-1. Outside the synth world Coppé employs unconventional instruments including the 5-octave mbira, nail violin and meatgrinder.

Coppé characteristically processes her vocals to create a broad range of effects that she likens to “angels whispering,” “colors of the wind,” and “orange sorbet sunsets” with equipment including the Digitech 300 and TC helicon.

Coppé co-creates with some of the electronic music/IDM scene's most influential artists. These include Plaid, Kettel, Q-Bert, DJ Vadim, Christ (ex-Boards Of Canada), Atom™, Tipsy, Addictive TV, Kelli Ali (ex-Sneaker Pimps), Bola, Modified Toy Orchestra, Sutekh, Kit Clayton, Peanut Butter Wolf, members of Skinny Puppy, Takemura Nobukazu, Barbara Morgenstern, DJ Kensei, Fred moTh, Hifana, Jemapur and more.

Coppé performs regularly in Japan and the US, also touring the UK and Europe every autumn since 2010, in collaboration with UK-based Bit-Phalanx Music label since 2011.

In 2015, Coppé celebrated the 20th anniversary of Mango + Sweetrice Records with the release of 20rpm. To mark the occasion, Mango + Sweetrice and Bit-Phalanx Music produced an all-day festival of Electronic Music in central London, also called 20rpm, held at St. Giles In The Fields church, Soho. The event featured special guests Plaid, Bola, Kettel, Christ., Barbara Morgenstern, Kelli Ali, Earth Is Flat, DJ Mixmaster Morris, DJ Nick Luscombe and more.

20rpm became an annual event with the second edition in 2016 (21rpm), featuring Graham Massey (808 State), Plaid, Funkstörung, Leila, Luke Vibert, Seefeel, sarasara and DJ Flint Kids.

In 2017, Coppé released Milk. Produced with diverse electronic collaborators including Nikakoi, Atom™ and Kettel, Milk re-envisions jazz standards through a prism of contemporary electronic and ambient esthetics. wrote, “The result is an album that at moments could be the incidental ambience from Blade Runner shot through the synth bank of Portishead.”

Unconventional esthetic statements in collaboration with Japanese fashion designer Comme des Garçons and lyric references to outer space are a unique feature of Coppé's creations. “I feel very comfortable floating, like swimming in the air,” she wrote. “I want to live in a clear bubble and meditate singing…like the blue people in the Fantastic Planet by [French animator] René Laloux.”



  • 1995 Coppé (CD, Album: Mango + Sweetrice)
  • 1997 O of M with Coppé (CD Album: Mango + Sweetrice)
  • 1999 Peppermint (CD, Album: Mango + Sweetrice)
  • 2000 Mercury (CD, Album, Dij: Mango + Sweetrice)
  • 2001 Papa My Buddha (CD, Album: Mango + Sweetrice)
  • 2003 Nauru (CD, Album: Mango + Sweetrice)
  • 2004 8 (CD, Album: Mango + Sweetrice)
  • 2005 9+10=10th Anniversary! (2xCD, Album: Mango + Sweetrice)
  • 2007 Fi-lamente (CD, Album: Mango + Sweetrice)
  • 2010 Artificial Insemination (CD, Album: Mango + Sweetrice)
  • 2010 Coppe' In A Pill (USB, Album: Mango + Sweetrice)
  • 2011 Yogurt (Credited to "Coppe' vs. Bit-Phalanx", CD, album: Bit-Phalanx & Mango + Sweetrice)
  • 2012 Rays (Download, album: Mango + Sweetrice)
  • 2012 Rays / Coppe' In A Bloc (CD + USB boxset, album, collection: Mango + Sweetrice)
  • 2012 Coppe' Who? (Aloha From Mars!) (CD Sampler compilation. 17 track 'best of' collection: Mango + Sweetrice)
  • 2013 Void (CD + 5" Vinyl deluxe set: Mango + Sweetrice)
  • 2015 20rpm (Deluxe 2xLP & DVD, CD & DVD: Mango + Sweetrice)
  • 2017 Milk (Deluxe "Transparent Milk Puddle" LP, Deluxe CD: Mango + Sweetrice)


  • 1997 Blue Time Machine (12", Blu: Mango + Sweetrice)
  • 2000 Blue (12": Losonofono Records)
  • 2012 Forbidden/My Heartbeatz Become Earthquake (Download, Mango + Sweetrice)


  • 1999 VAD (12" remix EP, Marble-coloured vinyl: Mango + Sweetrice)
  • 2013 Null (Digital 5 track EP: Mango + Sweetrice)


  • 2015 20x20 (20th Anniversary Music Video collection & featurettes archive: Mango + Sweetrice)

Tracks appear on:

  • 1997 Nigh - Chocolate XTC (CD, Comp: Castle von Buhler)
  • 2001 Electro-Organinc Vol.1 - Atlantis Is Kushti (Plaid mix) (CD, Comp: Starfire Records)
  • 2001 Rundfunk - Rhythmus Einer Stadt (Oliver Scotoni Und Alex Dallas) - Mark. B...B...B...Gun (2xCD, Comp: Universal)
  • 2008 52 Weeks - This Is My Cancer (File, MP3, 256: Peppermill Records)
  • 2008 Minicomp 3 - Alien Mermaid (7", Comp, Ltd: Sneakmove)
  • 2011 Carry On! - Dusty Tapes & Nuclear Raindrops (CD, EP by Jilk: Bit-Phalanx Music)


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