Sedona Sky Academy

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Sedona Sky Academy
Lake Montezuma, Arizona 86335
United States
School type Therapeutic boarding school
Established 2014
Grades 7-12
Accreditation AdvancEd

Sedona Sky Academy is a private therapeutic boarding school for adolescent girls, in Lake Montezuma, Arizona, United States.[1] Sedona Sky Academy is located on the previous site of Copper Canyon Academy, which was established by Tammy Behrmann and her brother Darren Prince in 1998.[2] They sold it to Aspen Education Group in 2002.[3] In 2006, Aspen was acquired by CRC Health Group, Inc.[4]

Behrmann and Prince continued to work for CRC Health (at the facility) for two years after they sold the school, leaving in 2008 to start a different residential treatment center in southern Utah.[5] In 2008, Paul Taylor assumed the Executive Director position.[6] The Academy continued operations as a subsidiary of CRC Health Group and Aspen until 2014.[7] Subsequently, Copper Canyon Academy closed on April 7, 2014.[8][9]

Sedona Sky Academy acquired a business license on April 7, 2014.[10] Tammy Behrmann[11] and Darren Prince,[12] in association with Family Help & Wellness,[13] opened Sedona Sky Academy on April 23, 2014,[14] under the legal business name of Lake Montezuma RTC, LLC.


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