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For the Oakley Training School of Mississippi, see Mississippi Department of Human Services.
Oakley School

Oakley School is a coeducational therapeutic boarding school located in Oakley, Utah, enrolling students of high school age.

The school was established in 1998 as a transitional placement for students who had been released from the Island View residential treatment center.[1] It was acquired by Aspen Education Group in 2004, along with Island View.[1][2] Since August 2013, it has been "partnered with" InnerChange, LLC.[3]

According to the school's website, the mission statement of the Oakley School is "to inspire each student to respect and pursue intellectual and moral growth while developing the individual skills crucial to success in a complex, changing world. By engaging in diverse educational experiences, both in and out of the classroom, self-esteem is strengthened and life skills are promoted. What parents find in Oakley School is a place for their children to excel in academics, acquire positive emotional communication and responsibility, and discover new strengths in physical adventures and community service."[4]

Its primary goal is to help students overcome their problems, often related to substance abuse, and teach them to be well adjusted adults.


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