Core (Persefone album)

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Studio album by Persefone
Released August 23rd 2006, April 18th 2014 (reissue)

Progressive death metal, neoclassical metal

, melodic black metal
Length 79.00
Label Vicisolum Records
Producer Pere Revert and Persefone
Persefone chronology
Truth Inside the Shades
Spiritual Migration

Core is an album by metal band Persefone. The album was released on 23 August 2006 by label Soundholic. Persefone re-released Core on April 18, 2014. Core was released worldwide through Vicisolum Records. The album included a 16-page booklet and a bonus track. Pere Revert was involved in the producing of the album (Shin-ken, Spiritual Migration).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Sanctuary: Light and Grief" – 23:43
  2. "Underworld: The Fallen and the Butterfly" - 23:30
  3. "Seed: Core and Persephone" - 22:47
  4. "Train Of Consequences (Bonus Track)" - 3:48
  5. "Star Wars Medley (Bonus Track)" (included on re release) - 4:37