Coria del Río

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Coria del Río
Flag of Coria del Río
Coat of arms of Coria del Río
Coat of arms
Autonomous communityAndalusia
 • MayorModesto González (Andalusist Party)
 • Total30,657
Demonym(s)coriano (m), coriana (f)

Coria del Río is a small town near Seville, on the shores of Guadalquivir river.


Early in the 17th Century, daimyō Date Masamune of Sendai sent a delegation led by Hasekura Tsunenaga to Europe. An embassy was then set up and six samurai stayed on. Approximately 650 of Coria's 24,000 residents, as reported in 2003, use the surname Japón (originally Hasekura de Japón), identifying them as the descendants of the first Japanese official envoy to Spain. The name first appeared on an official document in 1646. Some babies born within the town are known to display the mongolian spot which is common in Asians.[2]

A statue of Hasekura Tsunenaga was donated to the city by Japan in 1992 and stands watch over the river.

The Torii Gate and the Hasekura Tsunenaga statue in Coria del Rio

The football club Coria CF hails from Coria del Río.

Historic letter from the first Japanese delegation to Spain


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Coordinates: 37°17′N 6°03′W / 37.283°N 6.050°W / 37.283; -6.050