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Cornelia H. "Connie" Butler (born 1 February 1963) is an American museum curator. She is currently Chief Curator at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.[1] From 2006-2013, she served as the Robert Lehman Foundation Chief Curator of Drawings at the Museum of Modern Art (New York City). Prior to that, she was a curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) from 1996-2005. Butler also held curatorial positions at the Neuberger Museum of Art (Purchase, New York), Artists Space (New York City), and the Des Moines Arts Center (Iowa).[2] Her multimedia exhibition WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution dealt with international feminist art of the 1970s.[3] Butler is a 1980 graduate of Marlborough School,[4] and a 1984 graduate of Scripps College.[5]


2015: with Jamillah James, Mark Bradford: Scorched Earth [6]

2014: with Michael Ned Holte, Made in L.A. 2014 [7]

2014: with Luis Pérez-Oramas, Lygia Clark: The Abandonment of Art, 1948-1988 [8]

2012-2013: Alina Szapocznikow: Sculpture Undone, 1955–1972 [9]

2010-2011: with Catherine de Zegher, On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century [10]

2010: with Klaus Biesenbach and Neville Wakefield, Greater New York [11]

2009: Paul Sietsema [12]

2007: WACK!: Art and the Feminist Revolution [13]


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