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Corroboration is a 2001 compilation released on the Festival Mushroom Records imprint, Sputnik. It was the result of a project put together by Kurt Luthy. It brought together indigenous and non indigenous musicians and bands from various genres.[1] The majority of the songs were written for this compilation.[2] It reached #92 on ARIA Top 100 Albums chart.[3] In 2002 it received an ARIA Award nomination for Best World Music Album.[4]

Noel Mengel wrote in the Courier Mail that "it succeeds not just in the way it crosses genres and cultures but because of the quality of the music that results."[5] The Australian's Sandra Bridekirk gave it 4 stars calling it " the most unconventional snapshot of Australian music you could get - miles further down the track than predictable Oz rock samplers".[6] Peter Lalor of the Daily Telegraph also gave it 4 stars callin it "one of the more interesting "project" albums to have come from these shores."[7] In Michael Duffy's 4 star review in The Advertiser he states "this album is pleasing to the ear and an important step forward in the reconciliation process."[8] The Sunday Mail called it "a work of art" saying it "mixes culture with music, heart with soul, black with white, sweet with sour."[9]

Track list[edit]

  1. Deborah Cheetham and Wicked Beat Sound System - Dali Mana Gamarada (D. Cheetham, D. Robertson)
  2. Kylie Minogue and Jimmy Little - Bury Me Deep in Love (David McComb)
  3. Jodi Cockatoo Creed and george - Hallelujah Sister (Katie Noonan, Nicholas Stewart, Martin Challis)
  4. The Cruel Sea and Native Ryme feat. Kev Carmody - Together (The Cruel Sea, Native Ryme, Kev Carmody)
  5. Augie March and Archie Roach & Ruby Hunter - Minister For Planets (G. Richards)
  6. Little G and Pound System - Who Cares? (Pound System, G Christanthopolous)
  7. Primary and NoKTuRNL - One By One (J. Fonti, C. Mitchell, S. Fonti, NoKTuRNL)
  8. Frank Yamma and David Bridie - Coolibah (Frank Yamma)
  9. Pnau and Stiff Gins - Ride (Pnau and Stiff Gins)
  10. Billie Court and Friendly - In The Middle (Andrew Kornweibel)
  11. Magic Dirt and Richard Frankland - Who Made Me Who I Am (Richard Frankland)

Another track, "Bark in the Shadows" by You Am I and Vic Simms, was left of the album for unspecified reasons.[10]


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