Republic of Cospaia

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Cospaia Republic
Repubblica di Cospaia
Flag Coat of arms
Perpetua et firma libertas
Location of Cospaia
Capital Cospaia
Languages Italian
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Republic
Historical era Early Modern
 •  Established 1440
 •  Partitioned May 25, 1826
Area 3.3 km² (1 sq mi)
Currency Ducal
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Papal States
Grand Duchy of Tuscany
Papal States

The Republic of Cospaia was a small state in Italy, located in northern Umbria, independent from 1440 to 1826. It was located in what is now the hamlet (frazione) of Cospaia in the comune of San Giustino in the Province of Perugia.


It unexpectedly gained independence in 1440 after Pope Eugene IV, embroiled in a struggle with the Council of Basel, made a sale of territory to the Republic of Florence. By error, a small strip of land went unmentioned in the sale treaty and its inhabitants promptly declared themselves independent. An early centre in Italy for tobacco production, Cospaia eventually evolved into a commerce haven which, in 1826, was divided between Tuscany and the Papal States. Each citizen was awarded a silver coin by the church to help convince them to continue farming tobacco.



The Republic of Cospaia did not have a formal government or official legal system. There were no jails and there was no standing army or police force within the tiny nation. There was a council of elders and a chief's family who governed at one point. They met in the Church of Annunciation for councils.

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