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This article is a list of the counts of Roucy. In medieval France, Roucy was a county held by a succession of noble families.

First counts[edit]

c.950-967 : Renaud of Roucy, count of Roucy and of Reims († 967)

married Albérade, daughter of Gilbert, duke of Lotharingia, and of Gerberga of Saxony (she remarried to king Louis IV of France)

967-c.1000 : Gilbert of Roucy, count of Roucy and viscount of Reims († v.1000), son of the former

No document of the era mentions the relationship between Gilbert and his successor Ebles I. It has long been thought that Ebles of Roucy was a son of Gilbert and of a daughter of William III, Duke of Poitiers.
A recent study[1] proposed another theory : Ebles I of Roucy was a son of Ebles of Poitiers (himself the son of William IV, Duke of Poitiers and of Emma of Blois) and of a daughter of Aubry II, count of Mâcon, and of Ermentrude of Roucy, sister of Gilbert of Roucy.

c.1000-1033 : Ebles I of Roucy, count of Roucy and archbishop of Reims (1021–1033)

married Béatrice of Hainaut, daughter of Regnier IV, count of Hainaut and of Hedwig, a daughter of Hugh Capet.

House of Montdidier[edit]

  • 1033–1063: Hilduin count of Ramerupt and Roucy, son-in-law of the above
married in 1031 to Alix de Roucy (c.1020-1062), daughter of Ebles I
  • 1063–1103: Ebles II son of the above
married Sybille de Hauteville, daughter Robert Guiscard, Duke of Apulia
  • 1103–1160: Hugh I son of the above
married Richildis von Stauffen, daughter of Frederick II, Duke of Swabia
  • 1160–1180: Guiscard son of the above
married Elisabeth de Mareuil, dame de Neufchatel-sur-Aisne
  • 1180–1196: Raoul I son of the above
married Isabelle de Coucy, daughter of Raoul I, Seigneur de Coucy; their only child was a daughter who became a nun
  • 1196–1200: John I brother of above
married Beatrice de Vignory; had no legitimate offspring
  • 1200–????: Enguerrand brother-in-law of Raoul I

House of Pierrepont[edit]

Blazon of arms: Gules a chief indented Or.

House of Sarrebruck[edit]

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House of Roye[edit]

House of La Rochefoucauld[edit]

House of Béthune[edit]


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