Counting the Days (EP)

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Counting the Days
EP by Marah
Released 2007
Recorded Brooklyn, NY
Genre Rock, Christmas
Label Yep Roc Records
Producer Marah
Marah chronology
Can't Take It With You
Counting the Days
Angels of Destruction!

Counting the Days is the title of a 2007 Marah Christmas EP. The album was released on November 14, 2007 and is the band's second vinyl release.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Home For the Holidays"
  2. "New York is a Christmas Kind of Town"
  3. "Mele"
  4. "Mele (Intro)"
  5. "Christmas at Valley Forge"
  6. "Counting the Days"


  • "New York is a Christmas Kind of Town" and "Counting the Days" are both cuts from the band's 2005 album A Christmas Kind of Town.
  • "Christmas at Valley Forge" was originally recorded for This American Life's 2005 holiday show.