Court of Aldermen

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City Court of Aldermen
Aldermen (robed in scarlet) at Guildhall
Term limits
FoundedTime immemorial
Preceded byCourt of Husting
Michael Mainelli
since 2023
Seats25 Aldermen
25 / 25
Meeting place
Guildhall of London

The Court of Aldermen forms part of the senior governance of the City of London Corporation. It comprises twenty-five Aldermen of the City of London, presided over by the Lord Mayor (becoming senior Alderman during his year of office). The Court was originally responsible for the entire administration of the City, but most of its responsibilities were subsumed by the Court of Common Council in the fourteenth century. The Court of Aldermen meets seven times a year in the Aldermen's Court Room at Guildhall.[1] The few remaining duties of the Court include approving people for Freedom of the City and approving the formation of new livery companies,[2] appointing the Recorder of London and acting as the Verderers of Epping Forest.

Term of office[edit]

Although there is no compulsion by law to do so, [3][4] Aldermen usually submit themselves for re-election every six years and by custom retire at the age of 70. In 2020 David Graves declined to stand for re-election after six years as Alderman for Cripplegate, stating “given the current CV-19 concerns and limitations, I decided that to trigger a 42 ... day electoral process now would be inappropriate and unsuitable for the good conduct of a fair election.” He again deferred standing for re-election in 2021 for the same reason, triggering calls for the reform of the law relating to this election. [5]

List of current aldermen[edit]

Ward Alderman Notes
Aldersgate Christopher Makin
Aldgate Dame Susan Langley DBE Sheriff 2023/24; Supported by the Court of Aldermen for election to office of Lord Mayor 2025/26
Bassishaw Tim Hailes Sheriff 2017/18; Supported by the Court of Aldermen for election to office of Lord Mayor 2026/27
Billingsgate Bronek Masojada Sheriff 2023/24; Supported by the Court of Aldermen for election to office of Lord Mayor 2027/28
Bishopsgate Kawsar Zaman
Bread Street Sir William Russell Sheriff 2016/17; Lord Mayor 2019/20 and 2020/21
Bridge and Bridge Without The Hon. Timothy Levene
Broad Street Michael Mainelli Sheriff 2019/20 and 2020/21; Lord Mayor 2023/24
Candlewick Emma Edhem
Castle Baynard
Cheap Robert Hughes-Penney
Coleman Street Sir Peter Estlin Sheriff 2016/17; Lord Mayor 2018/19
Cordwainer Alexander Barr
Cornhill Robert Howard
Cripplegate Susan Pearson
Dowgate Alison Gowman Sheriff 2021/22
Farringdon Within Vincent Keaveny Sheriff 2018/19; Lord Mayor 2021/22
Farringdon Without Gregory Jones KC Sheriff 2024/25
Langbourn Sir David Wootton Sheriff 2009/10; Lord Mayor 2011/12
Lime Street Sir Charles Bowman Sheriff 2015/16; Lord Mayor 2017/18
Portsoken Prem Goyal OBE
Queenhithe Alastair King Sheriff 2022/23; Supported by the Court of Aldermen for election to office of Lord Mayor 2024/25
Tower Nicholas Lyons Sheriff 2021/22; Lord Mayor 2022/23
Vintry Sir Andrew Parmley Sheriff 2014/15; Lord Mayor 2016/17
Walbrook Jennette Newman

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