Creole Nature Trail

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Creole Nature Trail
Length 180 mi (290 km)
Location Louisiana, United States

The Creole Nature Trail, part of Louisiana's Outback, is an All-American Road comprising more than 180 miles (290 km) of highway including portions of Louisiana state highways 14, 82, 27, 384, and 385 in southwest Louisiana. The Creole Nature Trail was one of the first National Scenic Byways designated by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation. Along this distinctive series of highways a wide variety of world-famous wildlife including alligators, birds, butterflies, and fish are found.

The trail includes several National Wildlife Refuges and nature reserves: Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge, Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge, Sabine National Wildlife Refuge, Peveto Woods Bird & Butterfly Sanctuary in Johnson Bayou, and Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge near Grand Chenier. Most of the sights are located in Cameron and Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.

Following Hurricane Rita a number of the facilities especially in Sabine National Wildlife Refuge are closed to the public as of February 2007 and presently in a state of recovery.

Creole Nature Trail sign.
Observable Bird Species Spring Summer Fall Winter
Common loon occasional occasional occasional
Pied-billed grebe common uncommon common common
Eared grebe rare rare rare
Horned grebe rare rare rare
American white pelican common occasional common common
Brown pelican occasional occasional occasional occasional
Magnificent frigatebird rare rare
Anhinga uncommon uncommon uncommon occasional
Double-crested cormorant occasional common common
Neotropic cormorant abundant abundant abundant abundant
American bittern uncommon rare uncommon uncommon
Least bittern common common common rare
Great blue heron common common common common
Great egret common common common common
Snowy egret common common common common
Reddish egret rare rare rare rare
Little blue heron common common common uncommon
Tricolored heron common common common uncommon
Cattle egret abundant abundant abundant abundant
Green heron abundant abundant common occasional
Black-crowned night heron common common common uncommon
Yellow-crowned night heron common common occasional rare
Glossy ibis occasional occasional occasional occasional
White-faced ibis abundant abundant common common
American white ibis abundant abundant common common
Roseate spoonbill common common uncommon uncommon
Wood stork occasional occasional
Greater white-fronted goose common rare abundant abundant
Ross's goose rare occasional occasional
Snow goose abundant rare abundant abundant
Canada goose occasional occasional occasional occasional
Fulvous whistling-duck common uncommon common occasional
Black-bellied whistling duck uncommon uncommon occasional rare
Wood duck uncommon uncommon uncommon uncommon
Mallard common rare abundant abundant
American black duck rare rare rare
Mottled duck common common common common

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