Cristóbal Téllez de Almanza

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Cristóbal Téllez de Almanza
12th Governor-General of the Philippines
In office
June 24, 1606 – June 15, 1608
Monarch Philip III of Spain
Preceded by Pedro Bravo de Acuña
Succeeded by Rodrigo de Vivero y Aberrucia
Personal details
Religion Roman Catholicism

Cristóbal Téllez de Almanza was an auditor licentiate taking over military affairs before becoming the 12th governor of the Philippines under Spanish colonial rule. He is the first Governor-General of the Philippines from the Real Audiencia of Manila.[1] The series of Japanese insurrections began just last year, 1606, when a son of a Japanese was killed by a Spaniard. The Japanese then plotted a revolt. The second Japanese insurrection occurred in 1607.[2]


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Preceded by
Pedro Bravo de Acuña
Spanish Governor - Captain General of the Philippines
Succeeded by
Rodrigo de Vivero y Velasco