Crosstalk (novel)

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Crosstalk book cover.jpg
AuthorConnie Willis
CountryUnited States
GenreScience fiction
PublisherDel Rey
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardback & paperback)

Crosstalk is a science fiction novel by Connie Willis, published in 2016. It is a romantic comedy that explores the intersection of telephones and telepathy. In a similar situation to Bellwether and Passage, the main character, Briddey Flannigan, is part of a larger institution who gets caught up in series of escalating events. Additionally, Crosstalk like Bellwether and Passage feature themes of neuroscience, communication and technology.


Briddey Flannigan, part of the middle management of a tech-company is engaged to one of the senior executives. The company is experimenting with communication technology that transmits neural activity as spoken words. The technology is still being tested and theoretically relies on emotional bonds between two people to work effectively. Briddey agrees to become part of the experiment but it goes dramatically wrong, upending her life.


Crosstalk's reception was not as enthusiastic as for some of her previous work. For example, Amal El-Mohtar at NPR Books said the book was "not a great showcase" of Connie Willis oeuvre[1] and Noah Berlatsky with The Los Angeles Times wrote that it was "frustrating".[2] However Eric Brown at The Guardian was more upbeat writing that "Willis tells a fast-paced tale with well-observed dialogue and some gentle humour."[3]


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