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Cubeez was a British animated TV show developed between 1999 and 2001 and first aired on GMTV's Kids strand, now known as CITV, aimed at pre-school children aged 2–5. The four box-like characters, Bozz, Doody, Dink and Tizzy are accompanied on their adventures by a talking paintbrush (voiced by Marc Silk) and a variety of creative characters. Each episode has a strong educational element and features live-action footage of children.

Cubeez has been shown around the world and is particularly popular in Latin America and Australia. In the United Kingdom it was aired on Nick Jr. from October 2001-December 2003, then on Channel 4 from around 2005.



  • Bozz (Keith Wickham) - The magenta-pink male cubee whos the leader of the four.
  • Tizzy (Jan Haydn Rowles) - The yellow female cubee whos always cheerful.
  • Dink (Mike Walling) - The blue male cubee who likes to take things slowly.
  • Doody (Tara Newley) - The orange female cubee with round red glasses and loves to read.


  • Learning Wall
  • Boingles
  • Wiggywams
  • Eyesanozes
  • Artist
  • Tock Tock


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