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Cubeez is an animated TV show developed between 1994 and 2001 and first aired on GMTV's Kids strand, now known as CITV. It is aimed at pre-school children aged 2–5. The four box-like characters, Bozz, Doody, Dink and Tizzy are accompanied on their adventures by a talking paintbrush (voiced by Marc Silk) and a variety of creative characters. Each episode has a strong educational element and features live-action footage of children.

Cubeez has been shown around the world and is particularly popular in Latin America and Australia. In the United Kingdom it was aired on Channel 4 in the mid 2000s.

It was also one of the first ever TV shows animated in 3D CGI.



  • Bozz (Keith Wickham) - The pink male cubee, and the leader of the four.
  • Tizzy (Jan Haydn Rowles) - The yellow female cubee.
  • Dink (Mike Walling) - The blue male cubee.
  • Doody (Tara Newley) - The orange female cubee with round red glasses.


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