Cyberman (audio drama series)

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Cyberman & Cyberman 2
Album cover
Big Finish Productions audio drama
Series Cyberman
Writer Nicholas Briggs (Series 1)
James Swallow (Series 2)
Director Nicholas Briggs
Producer Nicholas Briggs
Jason Haigh-Ellery
Length 8x70 minutes

Cyberman is a series of Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series, Doctor Who. Eight audio plays were produced in 2 series of 4 CDs.[1] The series takes place during a fictional time in the Doctor Who universe known as the Orion Wars.[2] During the Orion Wars, humanity is at war with androids who no longer wish to be under human control.[2] The center of the action is Project Scorpius, a "military project gone dark, off the books."[3]

The series is produced by Nicholas Briggs and Big Finish Managing Director Jason Haigh-Ellery.

Series 1 (2005)[edit]

Series 1 consists of 4 episodes. All 4 episodes were written and directed by Nicholas Briggs and released in 2005.


  • Samantha - Hannah Smith
  • Paul Hunt / Comms / Security - Barnaby Edwards
  • Hendry/Helliton/Glaust/Karen's Father/Protester/Guard - Ian Brooker
  • Duncan Levinson / Captain / Pilot / Public Address / Soldier - Toby Longworth
  • SSC Control/Operations Officer/Helm - Samantha Sanns
  • Comp - Samantha Sanns
  • Admiral Karen Brett - Sarah Mowat
  • Captain Liam Barnaby / Nash - Mark McDonnell
  • Computer - Hannah Smith
  • Cyberman/CyberPlanner/Control/Guard/Reporter - Nicholas Briggs


The human race is at war with its own android creations. The story centers around several characters, but mostly concerns Admiral Karen Brett, who is in command of the Redoubtable.[2] Brett is a character who will do whatever needs to be done to finish the job during wartime.[2] The Cybermen don't appear until about half way through the audio drama and their own need to survive mirror's Brett's motivations.[2] The character of Paul Hunt is in league with the Cybermen, though the other characters don't know this yet.[2]

Brett's character was written and played by actress Mowat in such a way that the Admiral doesn't fall prey to "unfortunate stereotypes" seen in other female lead characters.[2] Overall, the feel of the audio drama was considered "raw and real."[2]


The Orion War situation is worsening by the day. The human race is sleepwalking towards extinction. Now, the time is right for the next phase of the Cyber plan to begin.


The Cybermen... The great civilisation we could have been... if we'd taken another path. A purer path. The Scorpius strategy is now in full operation. There will be victory in Orion...


The Earth's government is under Cyber control. The only hope for civilisation is that androids and humans can work together. But the Cybermen intend to activate their Master Hibernation Vault on Telos, releasing billions of Cybermen.

Series 2 (2009)[edit]

Series 2 consists of 4 episodes and released as a box set in 2009. All 4 episodes were written by James Swallow and directed by Nicholas Briggs and Ken Bently.[4]

The titles of the 4 episodes are Outsiders, Terror, Machines and Extinction.



Across the planet, the silver legions stand impassive in every city; mankind has sacrificed its freedoms for the sake of a distant conflict against its android creations, and now the price must be paid. On the streets, in the depths of space, a web of lies and deceit draws ever tighter, and the lines between human and android, between enemy and ally, are blurred. Only one choice remains – resist or surrender…


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