D5 motorway (Czech Republic)

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D5 Motorway shield}}
D5 Motorway
Dálnice D5
Via Carolina
Route information
Part of E50
Length151 km (94 mi)
Major junctions
FromCZ traffic sign IS16a - D0.svg D0 in Prague
ToBundesautobahn 6 number.svg A6 border with Germany
CountryCzech Republic
RegionsPrague, Central Bohemian, Plzeň
Major citiesPrague, Plzeň
Highway system

D5 motorway (Czech: Dálnice D5) is a highway in the Czech Republic. It runs from Prague through Plzeň into Germany. D5 is 151 kilometres (94 mi) long; a bypass of Plzeň includes the 380-metre-long (1,250 ft) Valík Tunnel and the 445-metre-long (1,460 ft) bridge over the River Úhlava. Section between Prague and Beroun is planned to be improved to three lanes in each direction.[1]


Construction of the D5 began in 1976, with the first segment opening in 1985 and the final segment being completed in 2006.

European route[edit]

From the Rozvadov-Waidhaus border crossing, it continues as German autobahn A6 west to the border with France. The D5 is part of European route E50. All of D5 is the Czech part of "Via Carolina", the motorway from Nuremberg to Prague.

Tunnel Valík[edit]

Very important part of the D5 highway is the tunnel Valík bypassing the city of Pilsen. The technology inside of the tunnel is controlled by a Reliance SCADA system[2] The tunnel was opened on October 6, 2006.


Point Coordinates
(links to map & photo sources)
capital city of Prague 50°02′56″N 14°16′06″E / 50.048917°N 14.268226°E / 50.048917; 14.268226 (City of Prague)
Valík Tunnel (in Czech) 49°40′50″N 13°24′22″E / 49.680556°N 13.406111°E / 49.680556; 13.406111 (Valík Tunnel)
bridge over the River Úhlava 49°40′54″N 13°23′48″E / 49.681788°N 13.396695°E / 49.681788; 13.396695 (ridge over the River Úhlava)
border with Germany 49°38′33″N 12°31′19″E / 49.642486°N 12.522043°E / 49.642486; 12.522043 (border with Germany)



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