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Aliases DMAP1, DNMAP1, DNMTAP1, EAF2, MEAF2, SWC4, DNA methyltransferase 1 associated protein 1
External IDs MGI: 1913483 HomoloGene: 41311 GeneCards: DMAP1
Species Human Mouse
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Location (UCSC) Chr 1: 44.21 – 44.22 Mb Chr 4: 117.67 – 117.68 Mb
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DNA methyltransferase 1-associated protein 1 is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the DMAP1 gene.[3][4][5]


This gene encodes a subunit of several, distinct complexes involved in the repression or activation of transcription. The encoded protein can independently repress transcription and is targeted to replication foci throughout S phase by interacting directly with the N-terminus of DNA methyltransferase 1. During late S phase, histone deacetylase 2 is added to this complex, providing a means to deacetylate histones in transcriptionally inactive heterochromatin following replication. The encoded protein is also a component of the nucleosome acetyltransferase of H4 complex and interacts with the transcriptional corepressor tumor susceptibility gene 101 and the pro-apoptotic death-associated protein 6, among others. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding the same protein have been described.[5]


DMAP1 has been shown to interact with:


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