Dakar-Port Sudan Railway

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The Dakar-Port Sudan Railway is a 4,000 km long proposal which surfaced in 2008-2010 to link Dakar, Senegal with Port Sudan, Sudan by a transcontinental railway. It would pass through several countries along the way and would have branches to link capital cities not on the direct route.[1][2][3]

The initial line would develop into a railway network that would cover the whole of Africa. By comparison, except for the extreme south and extreme north of Africa, railways are fragmentary, and hampered by differences in track gauge.

It would go through the following countries:

There is already a meter gauge railway from Dakar to Koulikoro, Mali, as well as a 3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm) gauge railway connecting Port Sudan to Nyala, Sudan near the border with Chad.

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