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The Dudley and Bob Morning Show
Genre Talk, comedy, entertainment, rock
Running time 4 hours, 6 A.M.-10:00 A.M. CST
Country United States
Home station KLBJ-FM Austin, Texas
Starring Dale Dudley
Bob Fonseca
Matt Bearden
Producer(s) Daniel Gallo, Carissa McAtee
Air dates since 1993
Opening theme "Intro" by Bob Fonseca

The Dudley & Bob Show is a weekday-morning comedic radio talk show airing on 93.7 KLBJ-FM,[1] from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. CT in Austin, Texas that consistently ranks among the city's top-rated drive-time shows.[2]

Anchor host Dale Dudley, originally heard on KFMX/Lubbock, Texas, was recruited to Austin, Texas's KLBJ-FM to work alongside Clark Ryan as the morning drive time show partner, which lasted for five years. When Clark left, sales director Bob Fonseca was selected to be co-host and partner. The show has had various co-hosts and producers.

Currently the show features an open format where Dale Dudley, Bob Fonseca, and comedian Matt Bearden discuss various current-event topics while sharing stories from their personal lives. The show has been on the air for 17 years and was nominated for a NAB Marconi Radio Award in 2007 for Medium Market Personality of the Year by the National Association of Broadcasters.[3] Dudley and Bob were inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2009.[4] The show is currently sponsored by Adam's Pleated Jeans Company due to Dale's unusual and all consuming love of pleated jeans.

Comedy has a major role on the show, with local and touring comedians routinely stopping in. It has also created three spin-off shows, Bob's Drive Home,[5] a mostly defunct daily webisode which often recaps and provides video clips of events from within the studio, The Charlie Hodge Halftime Show with Host Charlie Hodge, and co-host Matt "Chicken-wing" Sadler,[6] which no longer airs on KLBJ-FM from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. CT, and the Taint and Teabag Show, a live one-hour podcast that is distributed via a number of digital audio and video formats.

On March 15th, 2013, at 7:45am, Dale Dudley announced live from Dublin, Ireland that starting April 1 the regular aired show hours would be reduced by one hour to 6am to 9am. The 9am to 10am hour would become available by subscription fee and available via mobile app or Internet browser. The new segment will be called the Sideshow. Initially it will not be available live. The subscription will allow access to the aired show the same day, otherwise these podcasts will be available to non-subscribers the next day. The Sideshow will become part of an online presence called Dudley and Bob Land and will include programming from show cast-members and content from fans and entertainers related to the show.



  • Dale Dudley Born August 15, 1961, in Odessa Texas, Dudley uses his experiences growing up in East Texas as a recurring topic in the show. A 2010 Lone Star Awards finalist, he has "spent 23 years exploring his psyche for the local classic rock crowd" in Austin, TX.[7] He is the frontman of the KLBJ-FM morning drive show. Dudley and Bob, who have been together for almost 17 years. An actor and member of the Screen Actors Guild, Dudley can be seen in bit part roles in the movies Spy Kids 2, and Bernie, starring Jack Black. He played Eddie Gossling's sidekick in the motion picture "Brothers, Dogs and God." An author and an internet radio personality, Dudley acknowledged the roles of the rest of the cast, bragging that they "try to make each other laugh" every day.[8] Dale has won every improv competition he has ever entered.[9] Dale was a child actor best known for his starring role in the 1970s sitcom "Our Little House." He played the character Timmy Tam, whose catchphrase was "Hey, my pants are down!" [10]
  • Bob Fonseca, AKA "The BobFather", former Promotion Director at KLBJ, was selected to replace former drive time partner Clark, where he has been Dudley's side-kick for over 20 years.[11] Well known as a rock music expert, Bob's favorites include the Ramones, Bruce Springsteen and Karen Carpenter(mostly for her anorexia).
  • Matt Bearden, AKA "Fat Bearden" is the recipient of the 2002 Funniest Person in Austin contest hosted by Cap City Comedy Club. Bearden has appeared not only on stage but also TV and film.[12] On September 19, 2012, Matt stirred up a major controversy with his negative comments about the Parakeet Ranch industry. His words led to calls for a boycott by all Parakeet lovers. After hours of protests Matt resolved the situation by offering an on air apology and by donating five dollars to Wilford Brimley's charity "Beat Diabetes with Paraketees".

Show staff[edit]


Show bits[edit]

  • Gladys Hardy- An 88-year-old woman named "Gladys Hardy" from Austin who voiced concerns, opinions and suggestions all in one thirty-second message to Ellen DeGeneres who called "Gladys" the next day in front of her live audience. The ensuing conversation became an internet sensation.[13]
  • Prank Calls- The show cast in the 90's would regularly make prank phone calls using the name Bob Martinelli. These calls were included on the CDs issued by the show.
  • Rate a Bride- The show also did a bit entitled "Rate a Bride". The show would give ratings to pictures of women and couples from the bridal announcement section of the local newspaper.
  • Drive thru of danger - another old show bit in which listeners would go through a drive thru and perform bits suggested by the show cast for prizes.
  • Spit or Swallow - a segment where Daniel brings in some type of gross food item such as a century egg, potted meat, and fermented soy bean (also known as miso). Listeners call in and guess whether Carissa will spit or swallow the gross food item in order to win a prize. Surprisingly despite being well known for swallowing she has spit out many of the food items.
  • House Party Fridays- a tongue in cheek reference to the morning zoo radio shows that have special "Friday" party shows.
  • Pop Cop- A satirical recap of recent pop-culture events, hosted by Matt Bearden as Pop Cop (who denies actually hosting the bit. The segment often includes the tag-line "Arresting Your Intelligence"
  • God Squad- A Friday bit that debates religion. A local spiritual representative will be questioned by Matt Bearden. Dale Dudley will be able to interact with the interview through a limited sound board until nearly the end of the show.

Show Lingo[edit]

  • PWB (short for Penis Weiner Boob)- Used when the on-air topic became too serious for listeners expecting slap-stick radio.
  • Suck or Run - Is the result of Dale sharing a personal story with the listeners and being told he had these two choices.
  • Leg Sweep A Goat - Came from a comment from Bob regarding someone who was attacked by a goat.
  • The Ejector Seat - The seat used by the third show member (currently Matt Bearden). This seat got its name due to the former cast members who have left the show.
  • Tom Slick - The name given to the show's Program Director.
  • The Defender/Disagreeing Billygoat - Matt Bearden's nickname due to his tendency to take the opposite side of an argument.
  • Wormhole - Used when a show member goes off track thinking about a topic and stops participating in the show.
  • Winna Winna Chicken Dinna - A game in which you pick the woman whom you find most attractive, usually at the grocery store.
  • show warriors - devoted listeners of the show that will defend and uphold the honor of the show.
  • dirty at thirty - A part of the show when Dale presents a dirty / filthy story from the Internet or news
  • inside baseball - Refers to obscure references made during the show that only a long time listener might understand, or off-air knowledge.
  • jet pack out - This phrase is used by phone-in audience or anyone on-mic to deftly escape any form of embarrassment or failure

Past Events[edit]

  • Dudley & Bob Comedy Cruise
  • Pleasurefest
  • The Flashback Prom
  • Dudley & Bob Bass Fishing Tournament
  • Hot Cougar Sexy Kitten Contest
  • The Pregnant Bikini Contest
  • Steak and BJ Night
  • Miss Teen Dudley and Bob Austin (2010)
  • KLBJ-FM - Large and Lovely pageant (open to contestants size 16 or larger). Hosted by DB&D Producer Jeff "Yetti" Gish. The subject matter was controversial at the time, but the event had 400+ people in attendance.(1997)
  • On November 4, 2011 Dudley and Bob had the first on air double vasectomies.[14] Dr. Koushik Shaw performed the surgery with Matt Bearden and CJ Morgan attending. The event wasn't just an on air stunt it also was used as an opportunity to educate their male listeners holding multiple Q&A segments with Doctor Shaw about men's health issues and cleared up many misconceptions about the procedure. For example we learned that contrary to popular belief having a vasectomy does not cause men to become Bobby Bones fans.


  • Houston Press Club 2010 Lone Star Awards finalists[15]
  • Austin360 A-List 2009-2010, Best Morning Radio Show, Austin Statesman[16]
  • Billboard Magazine: Program of the year for Dudley and Bob-1996
  • Dudley and Bob - Personality of the Year
  • Austin Chronicle: Best Morning Show (Dudley and Bob)- 1993-2001
  • Austin Chronicle: Dale Dudley - Best DJ - 2001
  • Austin Chronicle: Best Rush Hour Program (Dudley and Bob)- 1996
  • Best Morning Jock Herder: Angela Davis, KLBJ-FM (Critics Picks, Media, 2007)[17]
  • Best Spy Kids Deejays: Dudley & Bob, KLBJ 93.7FM (Critics Picks, Media, 2003) [18]
  • Best Morning Deejay (or Team): Dudley & Bob with Debra Cole/KLBJ 93.7 FM (Readers Poll, Media, 1998)[19]
  • Best Morning Deejay (or Team): Dudley & Bob, KLBJ (Readers Poll, Media, 1994)[20]


  • January 23rd - On January 23, 2012 - The Dudley and Bob show podcast was edited without Dale's foreknowledge to remove the name of Andy Langer from a joke about Kristen potentially dating musician Bob Schneider. Transcript of the edited text available here:


Each show begins after the following introduction, usually read by Bob Fonseca, with rotating background music "Live, local, direct, coming to you free of charge from the multi-million dollar international production facilities of 93.7, KLBJ-FM, The Rock of Austin. Located right there on the radio motor mile, the radio factory discount outlet mall of America I35, and live music capital of the world, good morning everybody, welcome to another live edition of the award winning, Texas Radio hall of fame inducted, nationally recognized, universally loved and respected, Dudley and Bob Show. The only show in town to feature the marginal, but moderately compensated abilities of Dale Dudley, Bob Fonseca, funny man Matt Bearden, Daniel Gallo, and Carissa Jaded heading up our crack staff of greenroom greenhorns. A Slobberknocker presentation, in association with Emmis Communications. And now, it's my distinct pleasure to introduce to you, the man, the myth, the legend...the master of the world, king of the universe, the geeter with the heater, the boss with the hot sauce, the dean of the university of radio perversity, the head professor of the college of broadcast knowledge. The 70's ninja warrior himself, ladies and gentlemen, the star of stage and of screen, award winning "col-yum-nist" and the man who puts the unity back into our community, Mr. Dale Dudley."


Taint and Teabag logo

In 2011 Dale Dudley and Bob Fonseca started their own podcast series under the nom de guerre of Taint and Teabag Show.[21] The nickname was given to the pair by Bobcat Goldthwaite after a guest appearance on KLBJ-FM. The podcast is to be featured on the Kevin Smith inspired Smodcast Internet Radio (SIR) and is currently offered via free download. The podcast is released on an annual schedule. Regular guests include Daniel Gallo and Matt Bearden.

The radio show is also available in Podcast form on iTunes and the station's Web site.


The Dudley & Bob Show produced four albums in the 1990s featuring various calls, bits, and sketches released during the Dudley and Bob with Debra years of the show.

During the 2000s the show produced the "Damn It's Early" albums which featuring live on-air performances from various local and touring national musicians.

Year Title Label
1995 Public Enema #1 KLBJ
1996 We're Back and We're Highly Pissed KLBJ
1997 Eugene! Don't Hit 'Em in the Head KLBJ
1998 Prince Albert...Your Refrigerator Is Running KLBJ
2001 Damn It's Early KLBJ
2003 Damn It's 2 Early KLBJ

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