Damiano Lenzi

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Damiano Lenzi
Born (1987-08-14) August 14, 1987 (age 28)
Domodossola, VB, Piedmont

Damiano Lenzi (born August 14, 1987, Domodossola, VB, Piedmont, Italy) is an Italian ski mountaineer and cross-country skier, Italian Army member, Mountain Warfare Troops ("Alpini").

Selected results[edit]

  • 2010:
    • 1st, World Championship relay race (together with Lorenzo Holzknecht, Dennis Brunod and Manfred Reichegger)[3]
    • 3rd, World Championship team race (together with Lorenzo Holzknecht)[4]
    • 6th, World Championship vertical race[5]
    • 6th, World Championship combination ranking[6]
    • 7th, World Championship single race[7]

Pierra Menta[edit]

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  • 2010: 4th, together with Lorenzo Holzknecht
  • 2011: 5th, together with Manfred Reichegger

Trofeo Mezzalama[edit]

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  • 2013: 1st, together with Manfred Reichegger (IT), Matteo Eydallin (IT) - Centro Sportivo Esercito (Italian Army Sporting Center Team): 04:16:37;

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