Florent Perrier

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Florent Perrier
Born (1973-06-26) 26 June 1973 (age 46)
Arêches, France
Ski clubClub Multisports Arêches-Beaufort

Florent Perrier (born 26 June 1973) is a French ski mountaineer.

Perrier is born in Arêches, where he is member of the Club Multisports Arêches-Beaufort. In 2004, he joined the French national selection.[1] In 2008, he was president of the athletes' committee of competition ski mountaineering in the Management Committee of the Union Internationale des Associations d'Alpinisme (UIAA).[2]

Selected results[edit]

  • 2004:
  • 2005:
  • 2006:
    • 1st, Swiss Championship vertical race
    • 2nd, World Championship team race (together with Grégory Gachet)
    • 2nd, World Championship relay race (together with Bertrand Blanc, Grégory Gachet and Stéphane Brosse)
    • 3rd, World Championship vertical race
  • 2007:
    • 1st, European Championship single race
    • 1st, European Championship vertical race
    • 1st, European Championship team race (together with Grégory Gachet)
    • 1st, European Championship combination ranking
    • 2nd, Trofeo Mezzalama (together with Grégory Gachet and Patrick Blanc)
    • 4th, World Cup
  • 2008:
    • 1st, World Championship single race
    • 1st, World Championship vertical race
    • 1st, World Championship team race (together with Alexandre Pellicier)
    • 1st, World Championship combination ranking
    • 2nd, World Championship long distance race
    • 3rd, World Cup race, Val d'Aran
  • 2009:
    • 4th, European Championship single race
    • 6th, Alexandre Pellicier team race (together with Alexandre Pellicier)
    • 6th, European Championship combination ranking
    • 9th, European Championship vertical race
  • 2010:
  • 2011:

Pierra Menta[edit]

  • 2004: 3rd, together with Grégory Gachet
  • 2005: 2nd, together with Grégory Gachet
  • 2007: 1st, together with Grégory Gachet
  • 2009: 3rd, together with Yannick Buffet
  • 2010: 2nd, together with William Bon Mardion
  • 2011: 7th, together with Alexandre Pellicier
  • 2013: 5th, together with Xavier Gachet