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Dan Joyce
Born Daniel Joyce
(1976-06-02) 2 June 1976 (age 40)
London, England
Occupation Actor
Height 180 cm (5 ft 11 in)

Daniel Joyce (born 2 June 1976) is a professional stuntman and one quarter of the Dirty Sanchez crew. He has also been made a Reverend for a Dirty Sanchez prank on Matthew Pritchard and Mike "Pancho" Locke.

Joyce married his girlfriend Suzie Hogan in June 2012, he lives with her and their dog Max.

In May 2015, Suzie revealed they are expecting their first child together. His first daughter, Margot Joyce, was born on the 24 October 2015.

Dirty Sanchez[edit]

Joyce's role in Dirty Sanchez is not as practical as the others. He is the only English man in the group, making him something of a black sheep when considering the other members' strong Welsh accents. He is well known for his distinctive laugh, something which the other members of Dirty Sanchez have likened to a "machine gun", and is often clad in Burberry clothing, mostly in the form of shirts, jackets or boxers.

On the DVD for the first series, a psychologist says that Joyce seems more committed in laughing at and encouraging the rest of the crew's acts than participating, though he does often participate. On some occasions the rest of the crew have mentioned that Joyce cannot take a joke properly, as seen when a man tries to throw him into a tub full of ragworms; Joyce lashes out at him for dirtying his £240 Burberry jacket, but is placated by the others. Joyce denies these claims, and simply says that "If it doesn't seem fun, I'm not going to do it".


As opposed to performing some of the more pain-related stunts, Joyce is far more willing than the other Sanchez members to performing acts involving ingestion, which include drinking Pancho's fat from the non-anaesthetic liposuction done as part of the movie, eating the end of Pritchard's little finger after having it chopped off (which he spat out), eating pubic hair on a pizza and (attempting) to drink a glass of sweat collected from the Dirty Sanchez team. He is also well known for stunts that end up involving him eating his own, or other people's, vomit.

Other appearances[edit]

He is featured in the Gumball 3000 documentary film, 3000 Miles.

He is also featured in a Nitro Circus episode along with Bam Margera where he is seen filming Travis Pastrana and friends doing a base jump from a hotel.

He appears in the song "Check out my Subaroo", in which is he is emceeing.[1] The song is a mockery of "boy racers" and "ricers".

He appears in the video for "Raver" by Shy FX at 1:48 in, he is on a skateboard miming the lyrics to the song. He also appeared at 3:02 staring at the camera whilst sitting on a park bench.

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