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Dirty Sanchez
Official logo
Reality television
Stunt show
Toilet humor
Shock humour
Physical comedy
Created byLee Dainton
Written byJake Cardew
Lee Dainton
Jim Hickey
Michael "Pancho" Locke
Dan Joyce
Sean Murphy
Mathew Pritchard
Becky Staniforth
Martin J. Roach
Directed byBecky Staniforth (series 1)
Jim Hickey (series 2-4)
  • Mathew Pritchard
  • Dan Joyce
  • Micheal "Pancho" Locke
  • Lee Dainton
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original languageEnglish
No. of series4
No. of episodes29
Executive producersSean Murphy (series 2-4)
Sumi Connock
ProducersJake Cardew
Becky Staniforth
Jim Hickey (series 2-4)
CinematographyMartin J. Roach (series 2-4)
EditorMike Green
Running time22–30 minutes
Production companyMTV Networks Europe
Original networkMTV
Original release2 July 2003 (2003-07-02) –
2008 (2008)
Followed byDirty Sanchez: The Movie
Related showsWrecked
Sanchez Get High
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Dirty Sanchez is a British stunt and prank TV series featuring a group of three Welshmen and one Englishman harming themselves, and each other, through dangerous stunts, which ran from 2003 until 2007. It was known as Sanchez Boys and Team Sanchez in the U.S. The performers were the Welshmen Mathew Pritchard, Lee Dainton, Michael "Pancho" Locke and the Englishman Dan Joyce and was originally based in Newport, South Wales, but later series of the show took place elsewhere in the United Kingdom and the world. Pritchard and Locke also starred as the "Pain Men" in Channel 4's Balls of Steel. The series was similar to the American series Jackass and the Finnish series The Dudesons. The show aired on MTV in the United Kingdom and on MTV2 in the United States.


Dirty Sanchez consisted of three Welshmen named Mathew Pritchard, Lee Dainton, and Michael "Pancho" Locke, and one Englishman Dan Joyce. Pritchard and Dainton became close friends after being in a skateteam together. Dainton bought a videocamera and started filming skate videos with Pritchard. They also participated in various skateboarding competitions where they first met Pancho, and later met Dan. The 4 became close friends and started filming stunts and pranks together for around 18 months. Dainton decided to make a DVD out of it titled Pritchard vs Dainton, which came out in 2001. It was the most popular skateboarding DVD in the United Kingdom. After the executives at MTV UK saw the DVD, they wanted to make a TV show out of it. The original plan for the TV show was that Pritchard, Dainton, Pancho, and Dan traveled through the UK to find "the most fucked up people". The Sanchez Boys did not like that idea, but the executives were only interested in the stunts and pranks rather than the skateboarding. The Sanchez Boys then agreed that they would be performing the stunts and pranks themselves. The first series aired in 2003, and became the most popular MTV UK series of all time. It was broadcast in over 64 countries to over 400 million people in total.

Television series[edit]

Original run[edit]

Series 1: Front End and Rear End (2003)[edit]

Series one featured eight episodes and focused on each of the Sanchez members. Each episode would have them, friends and family talking about each of the Sanchez members on a certain topic the episode is about, with stunts performed in between each part of the interviews. The last episode had a psychiatrist review each of the Sanchez members behavior throughout the series.

The first series received mixed reactions, with some people calling it a lackluster imitation of the American show Jackass, while others complained that it pushed the boundaries of taste too far, due to the extreme stunts and strong profanity, as well as full-frontal male nudity. The boys are praised by others for their fun-loving hedonism and courage in their dangerous stunts. One review claims "They make Jackass look like the Royal Shakespeare Company", and also on the cover of the Dirty Sanchez: The Movie DVD, there is a similar quote by MAXIM saying "Makes Jackass Look Like The Teletubbies."

Series 2: Jobs for the Boyos (2004)[edit]

The second series also featured eight episodes but focused on the Sanchez members trying out different jobs for one week. The first episode had them working in a hair salon. The second episode had them working on a construction site. The third episode had them train to perform a martial arts show. The fourth episode had them train to be Royal Marines. The fifth episode had them train to be airport fire fighters and the sixth episode had them train to be cowboys. Episodes seven and eight were a Behind the... and Best of... the series. The series became the biggest hit in MTV UK history and is still the only MTV UK series to be broadcast in the United States.[citation needed]

Series 3: European Invasion (2005)[edit]

The third series featured six episodes and focused on the Sanchez members touring six countries to perform six live shows with their tour manager, Johnny B, in Europe. The tour began in Sweden, then to Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy and finished in Spain.

Series 4: Behind the Seven Sins (2007)[edit]

The fourth series featured seven episodes that went behind the scenes of the movie and showed the boys reactions to each sin that they had to perform in each of the countries.


MTV Wrecked (2007)[edit]

The first spin-off series, called MTV Wrecked, was hosted by Pritchard and Dainton, which saw them get two contestants to do Dirty Sanchez styled stunts in order to crown a winner. The series would feature eight episodes.

Sanchez Get High (2008)[edit]

The second spin-off series once again only featured Pritchard and Dainton. The series followed them looking for the ultimate 'highs' in Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, Australia, Cambodia, South Africa, India and Japan. They did painful stunts in order to get a 'buzz', they did naked skydiving, had painful tattoos to fit in with Filipino tribes, and tasted old remedies and substances such as ayahuasca and psilocybin mushrooms which are used in some countries to experience different feelings including hallucinations and euphoria. This series also had eight episodes.

Other appearances[edit]

  • MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamérica (2003) - The boys presented the second annual Latin America MTV Video Music Awards in Miami Beach in 2003.
  • Balls of Steel (2005–2008) – UK comedy gameshow in which contestants compete for the "Balls of Steel" award. One regular act is "The Pain Men" which consists of Pritchard and Pancho. Each skit is an instudio display of daily hazards. They appeared in all three series of the show.
  • Gumball 3000 (2006, 2009, 2011) – Dan Joyce and Pritchard competed in the 2006 event of the Gumball 3000, driving a Japan-Tuning style Nissan 180SX. Pritchard competed in the 2009 event. Pritchard and Dainton also took part in the 2011 event. [2]
  • 3000 Miles (2007) - Dan Joyce, along with Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Tony Hawk, Mike Vallely and Mike Escamilla race 3000 miles around the world from London to Los Angeles in just 8 days against 120 supercars in the famous Gumball 3000 Rally. 3000 Miles follows action and adventure along the way, with fast driving, crashes and sabotage adding to the drama and mayhem.
  • Nike's Put It Where You Want It Tour (2008) – A series of online commercials where Dirty Sanchez searched for the footballer with the deadliest accuracy in the world. In order, they visited Wayne Rooney, Torsten Frings, Gennaro Gattuso and Florent Malouda – each of which wore Nike Total 90 shoes/boots. The Sanchez Boys offered each star a chance to prove their skill with a series of shooting accuracy challenges – which, in true Dirty Sanchez style, involved using the Sanchez Boys themselves as the targets. As an example, the very first challenge of the series was called the "Pain of Wayne Challenge" and featured Rooney shooting at Pancho while he was tied between the goalposts and clothed in just a jockstrap, leaving his back and rear exposed.
  • The Dudesons (2010-2014) – The boys from Finland go to Australia and meet up with The Sanchez boys in third episode of The Dudesons fourth season. Dainton and Pritchard also appeared in The Dudesons Gumball 3000 Rally episode in 2014.
  • Snog Marry Avoid? (2011) - Pritchard and Dainton appeared in episode 8 of the fourth series of the Make-under series where they were made to look smart. They didn't keep the improved look for long.
  • The Lazy Generation (2021) - Pritchard and Dainton appeared in the second webisode of The Lazy Generation as the two judges of "The Treadmill High Dive".[1][2]

Dirty Sanchez: Stage Show[edit]

At the 2004 and 2005 Carling weekend at the Reading and Leeds festivals, the Dirty Sanchez team performed a variety of stunts live onstage at the cabaret tent, including attacking their legs with a meat tenderiser, being dragged across a sandpapered stage on bare buttocks, and smoking a bong filled with their own urine and pubic hair instead of water and marijuana. They also appeared at the Leeds leg of the festival in 2006.

On 1 June 2007, Dirty Sanchez confirmed a full stage show with DJ at Reading Festival 2007. They also performed live in the summer of 2007 every Monday at Bar M in Ibiza.

In 2009, Dirty Sanchez toured Australia with The Dudesons during the Soundwave Festival.

In 2010 was the final live show that all four of the boys did together. However, Lee Dainton and Mathew Pritchard continued doing live shows called Pritchard vs Dainton. The last ever Prichard vs Dainton live show was in 2015.

On December 12, 2019, the boys reunited in Tramshed, Cardiff for the first time in over a decade. Instead of doing stunts, the boys showed Dirty Sanchez: The Movie to a live audience followed by a Q&A.

Dirty Sanchez: The Movie[edit]

Dirty Sanchez: The Movie
The members of Dirty Sanchez presented as if in a police line up.
Theatrical poster
Directed byJim Hickey
Written byBobby Allen
Lee Dainton
Jim Hickey
Dan Joyce
Micheal "Pancho" Locke
Mathew Pritchard
Rupert Preston
Martin J. Roach
Based onDirty Sanchez
by Lee Dainton
Produced byBobby Allen
Rupert Preston
StarringMathew Pritchard
Lee Dainton
Michael "Pancho" Locke
Dan Joyce
CinematographyMartin J. Roach
Edited byJames Herbert
Distributed byPathé Distribution
Release date
  • 22 September 2006 (2006-09-22) (United Kingdom)
Running time
95 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom
Box office£1,208,708[3]

Dirty Sanchez: The Movie, a reality comedy film based upon the series, was released on 22 September 2006. It is in the format of a world tour[4] and incorporates stunts related to the seven deadly sins. Stunts are on a larger scale and more extreme than stunts shown in the TV show. The film also features the first cross over battle between two stunt groups. In their tour of Japan, the Dirty Sanchez team battles the Tokyo Shock Boys to see who is more extreme. In the end the Tokyo Shock Boys refuse to do a live show with Dirty Sanchez due to their disgusting antics.

The movie begins with the boys smashing a car through a caravan and they end up "dying" and going to hell, where they meet Satan who tells them what they need to do to get their lives back.

The stunts include:

  1. Super Glue Wake Up - The boys start off in Wales. Lee Dainton glues Pancho's nostrils shut with superglue while he's sleeping.
  2. Skeet Shooting - The boys are all dressed as rabbits as they have avoid the clay plates that are being fired at them.
  3. The BB Challenge - Mathew Pritchard and Lee Dainton have a competition to see who can take the most BB gun shots. Dainton, who ended up losing, has to shoot himself in the dick. Pritchard proceeds to shoot Dainton again, but as punishment Pritchard has to shoot himself in the forehead three times.
  4. Stabby Darts - The boys play a game of trying to stab a dart in between each other's fingers.
  5. The Incredible Alk - Pancho has fallen asleep so the guys decide to paint him green and to cut his clothes to make him look like The Incredible Hulk. They wake him up by squirting spicy hot chili sauce on his eyes with a water gun and by throwing bouncing balls at him.
  6. Russian Punishment - The boys arrived in Russia. They all take turns getting whipped on their asses by a whip.
  7. Nightmare - Lee Dainton wakes up Pancho by hitting him on his head with the sole of a shoe and by lighting a sparkler in his bed.
  8. Tattoo Surprise - Mathew Pritchard thinks he will get a tattoo on his leg that says "Sleep When You're Dead" in the Russian language, however Lee Dainton told the tattoo artist to write "I Love Johnny Knoxville" instead.
  9. Fake World Record - Mathew Pritchard attempts to break the world record of getting shot by 103 paintballs to a naked human body, little did he knew that there is no world record for most paintball hits to the human body.
  10. Gorbachev - Lee Dainton and Mathew Pritchard shave Pancho's head and piss on him while he's sleeping. They wake him up by pouring ketchup on his bald head, making him look like Mikhail Gorbachev.
  11. Dwarf Slap - After being shaved and woken up, Pancho gives Mathew Pritchard a hard slap to the face which nearly knocked Pritchard out.
  12. I Love Dainton - The boys are in Thailand. Mathew Pritchard gets a tattoo on his dick that says "I Love Dainton".
  13. Liposuction - Pancho gets a liposuction without any anesthesia.
  14. Guess the Ladyboy - The boys go to a strip club where they guess which one of the ladies is a man by kissing them. Mathew Pritchard rigged this game by knowing that all the ladies actually were men.
  15. Bangkok Roulette - The boys play a game where they have to guess which one of them gets wanked off by the assistant, if they guess it wrong they have to eat bugs.
  16. Unfortunate Wank - The boys continue to play Bangkok roulette, but now the person who gets wanked off loses. Dan Joyce, who ended up losing, has to drink Pancho's fat from the liposuction.
  17. Flipper Race - The boys arrived in the Phi Phi Islands. They have a footrace with flippers on both feet. Pancho, who ended up losing, has to get smacked on his bare back with a flipper. Lee Dainton and Mathew Pritchard join in by smacking each other with a flipper on the head.
  18. Crab Racing - The boys pick the crab they want to use for the race, the 2 winners get to stay in a five-star luxury hotel, while the 2 losers have to stay in a slum.
  19. I Love Dainton Reveal - Mathew Pritchard reveals his "I Love Dainton" tattoo on his dick to the boys.
  20. Fake World Record Reveal - Lee Dainton is pissed at Mathew Pritchard for tattooing Dainton's name on his dick, so he reveals that Pritchard's paintball world record is fake.
  21. Fight of the Decade - Mathew Pritchard and Lee Dainton have a boxing match against each other, which Dainton ended up winning.
  22. Spunky Dunky - The boys are now in Japan. Each one of the boys have to masturbate into a condom. Dan Joyce, who had the least ejaculation, has to wear his cum filled condom on his head. He proceeds to blow into the condom to make it pop.
  23. Stunt Off - The boys meet with the Tokyo Shock Boys to see who can pull off the best stunts.
  24. Extreme Wrestling - The boys meet with Japanese extreme wrestlers with who they have to fight against.
  25. Extreme Drinking Game - After the boys fought the Japanese extreme wrestlers, they play a drinking forfeit game with each other. The forfeits include one of the extreme wrestlers getting hit on his shoulder with a spiked mallet, Pancho getting stapled through his tongue and Mathew Pritchard snorting wasabi mixed with sake.
  26. Pritchard Regains His Pride - After getting knocked out by Lee Dainton in the boxing match, Mathew Pritchard has to regain his pride. He does so by chopping the tip of his right pinky off. Dan Joyce attempts to eat the chopped tip of Pritchard's pinky, which he spat out almost instantly.
  27. Pinky Dinky Dainty - Mathew Pritchard and Lee Dainton made a deal where if Pritchard chopped the tip of his pinkie off, Dainton had to go in the middle of a busy Japanese street, dressed in a pink leotard and wearing a floppy sunhat and dark sunglasses, while singing karaoke with a song of Pritchard's choice.
  28. The Bola - The boys are in Mexico. Mathew Pritchard, Pancho and Lee Dainton get hit by a bola.
  29. Stranded - The boys are stranded in a random desert where they meet with Mykel Hawke who teaches them survival skills.
  30. Mind Over Matter - Pancho, Mathew Pritchard and Lee Dainton walk barefooted over hot coal.
  31. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - The boys arrived in the Dominican Republic where they play a game of putting Monopoly money in their mouth. Mathew Pritchard, who had the least amount of money bills in his mouth, has to make an awkwardly embarrassing phone call with his mother.
  32. Angry Pirates - The boys pour rum in each other's eyes as they're getting kicked in their shinbone. After spilling the rum, Pancho proceeds to snort it from the ground.
  33. Mouse Catcher - Pancho has to put his tongue on a mousetrap in order to get his money back, which had been stolen and used in the casino by Mathew Pritchard.
  34. Mopped - Dan Joyce gets smacked on his bare back by Pancho with a mop.
  35. Pinhead - Lee Dainton places his forehead on thumbtacks as Mathew Pritchard slams Dainton's head down.
  36. Spit in the Gob - Lee Dainton, Dan Joyce and Pancho take turns spitting in Mathew Pritchard's mouth. Pritchard vomits over the railing of the boat, but the boys throw him in the sea.
  37. Fishing Hooks - Lee Dainton and Mathew Pritchard put fish hooks through each other's earlobes, they rip the fish hooks out with a fishing rod.
  38. Hard Head - Pancho breaks a flowerpot over his head.
  39. Heavy Metal Piercings - Lee Dainton gets heavy metal piercings on his arms, he proceeds to squirt out sour lemon juice on the wounds.
  40. Wine Glass Smash - Mathew Pritchard smashes a wine glass on his head.
  41. Nailed Midget - Pancho gets a nail hammered between his thumb and index finger by Lee Dainton.
  42. Self Circumcision - Dan Joyce puts a fish hook through his foreskin as the thread is tied to a hammer. He throws the hammer which rips the fish hook out and through his foreskin.

The movie ends with Satan being pleased by the boys' efforts for the seven sins and allows them to live but asks if there is anything else they want to admit. Mathew Pritchard admits that he has tricked Pancho by putting Immac on his eyebrows which made them fall out. Pancho becomes enraged and storms out of the set and threatens to kill or injure the film crew. Pancho storms outside and waits for a bus while stating that he feels like a "spaz". It ends with a montage of deleted stunts being played during the credits and Lee Dainton revealing what the "Sleep when you're dead" tattoo really means, which leaves Pritchard in anger. Some of the deleted stunts are fully shown in series 4.

The DVD of Dirty Sanchez: The Movie was released on 22 January 2007 by Pathé's home video distributor 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

The movie premiered on television on MTV at 10:30pm on 5 August 2007. Many of the scenes and stunts were cut short or not shown due to censorship reasons[citation needed]. TMF broadcast the movie later that month.

The movie premiered at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival. Described as Jackass on crack, the film is about "wicked nasty stunts such as liposuction drinking games, beer enema shotguns, things that shouldn't be done with male genitalia, and more...."[5] Former drug smuggler Howard Marks makes an appearance as Satan.[6]

The film was released on DVD in North America on September 11, 2007 by Dimension Extreme and Alliance Atlantis. The film was also released on Blockbuster. When the film was released in the United States on Blockbuster, it made £4,000,000 but Harvey Weinstein bought the film because he didn't want to have any competition with Jackass. "He bought the movie only to hide it", Mathew Pritchard said.[7]

Critical response

Critic Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian gives the film a score of 3 out of 5. He admits the film is not in good taste but describes it as a film "you feel guilty and ashamed for enjoying" and jokes "for sheer self-destructive lunacy they might deserve an award".[8]

On Rotten Tomatoes the film has an approval rating of 40% based on reviews from 5 critics, with an average rating of 4.5/10.[9]


The film was shot in chronological order and was only theatrically released in the United Kingdom, it was also released on the exact same date as Jackass Number Two. The boys got kicked out of half of the visited countries because of their mischiefs. Mathew Pritchard reportedly never wanted to meet the Jackass cast. The boxing match between Lee Dainton and Pritchard actually went on for 4 rounds, but it was edited to only 1 round just to mess with Pritchard, the full fight is shown in series 4. The original plan was for Pritchard to chop off a whole entire half of his right pinky, until MTV stepped in and prevented it from happening, it was later changed to just the tip.

Unmade sequel

On August 4, 2021, Mathew Pritchard was invited to Matt Stocks' podcast. At the very end of the podcast, Pritchard stated that a sequel to Dirty Sanchez: The Movie was planned and funded, but MTV never let filming happening. "If MTV did let it happen, I was gonna be having "I love Dainton" lasered off my knob, and have "I love Dainton" tattooed on my ringpiece," Pritchard said.[10]

Pritchard vs Dainton – The Rise and Falls (2014)[edit]

Pritchard vs Dainton – The Rise and Falls is a 2014 documentary based on the series, directed by Jim Hickey and produced by Lee Dainton.[11] It details the series' ten-year history, including interviews with the team and never-before seen footage from various episodes. Originally scheduled for release in March 2014, it was in production for roughly six months but was restrained by MTV, who owned the rights to the series' footage.[12] Pritchard and Dainton started a crowdfund on Kickstarter for £10,000 on 5 February 2014 to purchase the rights. Within two days the target was reached.

The documentary premiered in Brynmawr in July 2014,[13] and was released on DVD later that year.[14][15] It is narrated by Howard Marks, who had a brief appearance in the Dirty Sanchez movie as Satan.

Mathew vs Pritchard (2019)[edit]

Mathew vs Pritchard is a short documentary based on Mathew Pritchard's live.[16] This documentary features the story of Pritchard from a daredevil with his own TV show, to a healthy triathlon athlete with his own vegan cooking show. He also tells how Dirty Sanchez started from his perspective, with old and never-before-seen footage playing throughout the documentary. Lee Dainton also makes a brief appearance in this documentary.

The Sanchez Story (2020-2021)[edit]

The Sanchez Story is a web series available on the official Dirty Sanchez website.[17] It is hosted by Matt Stocks and has been in the works for four years. It marks the first time in over a decade that all four Sanchez boys have appeared on camera together. The boys, along with Matt Stocks, meet up at Mathew Pritchard's Sleep When You're Dead barber and tattoo shop in Cardiff to discuss the history and behind-the-scenes stories of the Dirty Sanchez TV show, movie and live shows. "We were planning a full Dirty Sanchez reunion tour this year, but COVID-19 had other plans so we bring you this exclusive video series instead," Matt Stocks said. This series has released two volumes so far.


Front and Rear End:

Jobs for the Boyos:

European Invasion:

Dirty Sanchez the Movie:

This is the track listing from the Soundtrack CD

  • All My Friends Are Dead – Turbonegro
  • You Got to Leave – The Bees
  • Hurt Yourself – Amino
  • Peaches – The Dub Pistols feat. Rodney P. & Terry Hall
  • Get Laid – 4 ft Soldiers
  • Supergrass – Killa Kela
  • Eden Lies – The vapour Trails
  • We Play Games – The Aftershow Party
  • Gravy Digger – The Tulips
  • Kiss It Better – Lol Hammond
  • HND in RNR – Levelload
  • Thai Porno Theme – Carpetface
  • Sweet Lassi Dub – Bhutan Philharmonic

Sanchez Get High – Pritchard 'V' Dainton:

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