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Dan Sundquist
Dan Sundquist June 2015.jpg
Big Shadow Studio
Background information
Birth nameThord Dan Rickard Sundquist
Born (1958-09-10) September 10, 1958 (age 61)
Stockholm, Sweden, June 2015
GenresPop, dance, rock, film score
  • producer
  • songwriter
  • composer
Years active1979–present

Dan Sundquist[1] (born Thord Dan Rickard Sundqvist September 10, 1958 ), in Stockholm, Sweden, is a Swedish music producer, songwriter and composer.

He has produced over 70 albums,[2] and his production work has earned him seven Swedish Grammy Awards, among them Producer of The Year, which he was nominated three times for. He has so far had 15 #1 hits in Sweden and countless Top 10s, certifying at least 18 Gold and 11 Platinum awards. A handful of these albums have become classics and a part of Scandinavian pop culture.

Among these classics are Reeperbahn's Venuspassagen 1981, Jakob Hellman's exclusive ...och stora havet 1989, Wilmer X's #1 smash "Vem får nu se alla tårar"[3] 1991, Anne-Lie Rydé's Stulna Kyssar 1992, Uno Svenningsson's "Under ytan", a supersmash of 1994, Melody Club's debut and #1 hit "Electric" 2003.

Some of his latest works include the film score for the American film Whitney[4] - a biopic on the love story of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown on Lifetime TV, production work on Livet Är En Schlager - a musical by Jonas Gardell and Fredrik Kempe, and Peter Jöback's I Love Musicals.[5] Composed a 31-minute running track, "The Chase", on Spotify's smartphone pioneer Running application, alongside celeb DJ Tiësto. He’s also produced and written hits with other Swedish stars like Måns Zelmerlöw, Sanna Nielsen, Helen Sjöholm, Molly Sandén, Linus Svenning, Anna Bergendahl, Andreas Weise, Fredrik Kempe, Jay Smith, and many more.

He is also responsible for the score music of several Swedish classic feature films, including Vinterviken 1996, Adam & Eva 1997 and Bästa Sommaren 2000.

Was hired staff writer and producer of RedOne Productions/2101 Songs in Hollywood, CA between July 2014 and July 2015. Runs his own business Big Shadow Music Production Company and Publishing.


Dan Sundquist was born to Swedish parents and grew up in Näsby Park, Rågsved, Vikarbyn, Hägersten and Vaxholm, Sweden and in Barcelona, Spain. Having musically talented people in his family most certainly groomed him into an early interest in music and arts. He started playing the guitar at age 7, and piano at age 11.

After a year in Nyckelviksskolan Art School in 1976, he decided to quit art studies and start his band Reeperbahn with Olle Ljungström, getting their first recording contract 1979. He produced his first album in 1980, 21 years old.

Swedish Grammy Awards[edit]

Sundquist has had several Swedish Grammis nominations and has won seven to date.[6]

Year Category Artist/Album Result
1996 Producer of the Year Dan Sundquist Nominated
1994 Producer of the Year Dan Sundquist Nominated
1992 Rock Group of the Year Wilmer X - Mambo Feber Won
1990 Rock Artist (Male) Jakob Hellman ...och stora havet Won
1989 Producer of the Year Dan Sundquist Won
1989 Christian Music Freda' - Tusen eldar Won
1989 Newcomer Of The Year Jakob Hellman Won
1989 Rock Group of the Year Wilmer X - Teknikens under Won
1988 Christian Music Laila Dahl - Efter regn Won

#1 Hits & Classics[edit]

This is a list of Sundquist's songs that have topped the Swedish Charts,[7] and classics that have influenced the Swedish pop culture.

  • 2010 Didrik Solli-Tangen - My Heart Is Yours. #1 ESC Norway. Gold sales
  • 2010 Anna Bergendahl - This Is My LIfe. (Lionheart) #1 ESC Sweden, Gold sales
  • 2002 Melody Club - "Electric" (Virgin/EMI) #1 Hit Tracks & Gold sales
  • 1996 Jumper - "När Hela Världen Står Utanför" (Warner) #1 Hit Tracks & Platinum sales
  • 1996 Jumper - "Tapetklister" (Warner) #1 Hit Tracks & Platinum sales
  • 1995 Uno Svenningsson - "Under Ytan" (Record Station/BMG) Classic Song
  • 1994 Orup - "Vid Min Faders Grav" (Warner) #1 HIT Gold sales and voter’s choice on Tracks radio show
  • 1994 Orup - "Som Isarna När Det Blir Vår" (Warner) #1 HIT Gold sales and voter’s choice on Tracks radio show
  • 1991 Wilmer X - "Vem Får Nu Se Alla Tårar" (EMI) #1 Hit, Gold Sales, 10 consecutive weeks on Svensktoppen.
  • 1991 Anne-Lie Rydé - "En Sån Karl" (EMI) #1 Hit on Svensktoppen.
  • 1989 Jakob Hellman - "Vara Vänner" (EMI) #1 Hit on Tracks, Gold sales, 2-time Grammy awards
  • 1989 Desperados - "Louise" (EMI) #1 Hit on Tracks & Sommartoppen radio shows.
  • 1988 Fredá - "I En Annan Del Av Världen" (Record Station/Cantio) #1 Hit on Tracks, Platinum sales, Grammy Award
  • 1988 Wilmer X - "Teknikens Under" (EMI) #1 on Tracks, Grammy #1 Hit on Tracks, Gold sales, Grammy Award
  • 1986 Fredá - "Vindarna" (Cantio) #1 on Sommartoppen Radio Show - voter’s choice
  • 1983 Anne-Lie Rydé - "Segla PÅ Ett Moln" (EMI) #1 Hit on Tracks Radio Show - voter’s choice
  • 1981 Reeperbahn - Venuspassagen (Mercury) Cult Status/ Massive great reviews/Over 25.000 sold[8]

Film Scores[edit]

This is a list of Sundquist's credits as a composer.

  • 2014- Whitney - (RedOne Productions/LifeTime) Directed by Angela Bassett
  • 2014- Att Skära Mig Fri (SVT) Directed by Setareh Persson
  • 2013- My Stolen Revolution (Min Stulna Revolution) Directed by Nahid Persson-Sarvestani
  • 2009- En Film Om Olle Ljungström (SVT Documentary) Directed by Jacob Frössén
  • 2000- Den Bästa Sommaren (Memfis/Sonet) Directed by Ulf Malmros
  • 1997- Adam & Eva (SF) Directed by Hannes Holm & Måns Herngren
  • 1996- Vinterviken (Filmlance/Sonet) Directed by Harald Hamrell
  • 1995- En På Miljonen (SF) Directed by Hannes Holm & Måns Herngren
  • 1992- Hassel- Botgörarna (SVT) Directed by Mikael Håfström
  • 1992- Hassel- De Giriga (SVT) Directed by Mikael Håfström


Albums, Singles, Tracks, TV & Film Scores

This is a list of Sundquist's credits as a producer, songwriter and mixing engineer.[9]

Year Artist Album Single Notes Producer Songwriter Mixer Company
1979 Reeperbahn Reeperbahn Disco Made Me Crazy Debut Album ☑Y ☑Y
1980 Bitch Boys H:son Produktion Debut Production ☑Y
Reeperbahn Inget ☑Y ☑Y
Prince Valiant Sommerlath Blues/Stockholm Huzzle Debut Solo Project ☑Y ☑Y
Janne Anderson Pop J A Pop ☑Y
1981 Reeperbahn Venuspassagen ☑Y ☑Y
Date-X Date-X ☑Y
Reeperbahn Till Mitt Liv ☑Y ☑Y
Ekovox Soldat Med Brutet Gevär ☑Y
Reeperbahn Lycklig/Apparaten ☑Y ☑Y
1982 Dan Sundquist Förlorad ☑Y
Protectors Teenerama Twist ☑Y
Japop Meningslöst Motstånd 1st Production on a Major ☑Y
Japop Rysk Pop ☑Y
Reeperbahn Dansar ☑Y ☑Y
Reeperbahn Samlade Singlar ☑Y ☑Y
Protectors Come Back Baby ☑Y
Pinballs EP ☑Y
1983 Peter LeMarc Cirkus ☑Y
Peter LeMarc Kom Klappa Min Kanin ☑Y
Ekovox Festival ☑Y
Heinz & Young Buzz Buzz Boys ☑Y
Prins Valiant Vaddå Jag Dyster? 1st Solo Album ☑Y ☑Y
Ubangi Messin' With My Guy ☑Y
Maria Wickman Ok, Jag Ger Mig ESC Sweden ☑Y
Anne-Lie Rydé Anne-Lie Rydé ☑Y
1984 Fredá En Människa ☑Y
Anne-Lie Rydé I Mina Rum ☑Y
Prins Valiant Mucho Macho 2nd Solo Album ☑Y ☑Y
Ubangi The Little Cat & The Dirty Dog ☑Y
Tove Naess Isn't It Crazy ☑Y
1985 Bel Air På Äventyr ☑Y
1986 Fredá Välkommen Hero ☑Y
Fredá Vindarna #1 Swedish Charts ☑Y
Stan The Man Night’s The Night ☑Y
Pugh Rogefeldt Kommer Det En Vind ☑Y
Gemini Wild About That Girl Co-write with Björn Ulvaeus (ABBA) ☑Y
1987 Laila Dahl Efter Regn Swedish Grammy ☑Y
Wild Force Wild Force ☑Y
Bai Bang Bai Bang ☑Y
Fredá Glädjetåg Christmas Album Tip Tap ☑Y
1988 Fredá Tusen Eldar Swedish Grammy & Platinum Album ☑Y
Wilmer X Polaren Pär Compilation "Den flygande holländaren" ☑Y
Martin Rössel Jag Tror På Dig ☑Y
Anna Book Namn & Nummer ☑Y
Anna Book Det Finns Mycket Som Man Inte Känner Till ☑Y
Fredá I En Annan Del Av Världen #1 Swedish Charts ☑Y
Wilmer X Teknikens Under Swedish Grammy ☑Y
Fingerprints Mitt Ibland Änglar #3 ESC Sweden Final ☑Y
1989 Desperados Desperados ☑Y
Desperados Louise #1 Swedish Charts ☑Y
Tapirerna Trick & Tro ☑Y
Jakob Hellman ...Och Stora Havet Swedish Grammy & Gold Album ☑Y
Jakob Hellman Bara Vara Vänner #1 Swedish Charts ☑Y
1990 Suzzies Orkester No 6 ☑Y
Bebop Kärleken Tur & Retur ☑Y
Adolphson & Falk Indigo ☑Y
1991 Wilmer X Vem Får Nu Se Alla Tårar #1 Swedish Charts ☑Y
Wilmer X Mambo Feber Swedish Grammy & Gold ☑Y
Laila Dahl Annie #4 ESC Sweden Final ☑Y
1992 Anne-Lie Rydé En Sån Karl #1 Swedish Charts ☑Y
Anne-Lie Rydé Stulna Kyssar #1 Swedish Charts & Platinum ☑Y
1993 Wilmer X Snakeshow English Album ☑Y
Kayo Om Natten Massive Airplay ☑Y
Kayo Kärleksland ☑Y
1994 Orup No 5 Gold ☑Y
Orup Vid Min Faders Grav #1 Swedish Charts ☑Y
Orup Som Isarna När Det Blir Vår Massive Airplay ☑Y
Svante Thuresson En Salig Man ☑Y
Uno Svenningsson Under Ytan Swedish Classic & Sync Track ☑Y
Uno Svenningsson Uno Platinum ☑Y
Keith Collin The Future Has Begun ☑Y
1995 Anne-Lie Rydé Vilda Fåglar”/UNICEF Till Dig ☑Y
Olle Ljungström & Titiyo Vilda Fåglar”/UNICEF Det Gåtfulla Folket ☑Y
Joey Tempest A Place To Call Home Gold ☑Y
Olle Ljungström Tack Gold ☑Y
Anne-Lie Rydé Prima Donna ☑Y
1996 Orup Flickor Förr o Nu Gold ☑Y
Jumper Jumper #1 Swedish Charts & Platinum ☑Y
Jumper Tapetklister #1 Swedish Charts ☑Y
Jumper När Hela Världen Står Utanför #1 Swedish Charts ☑Y
1997 Jumper Hon Har Ett Sätt #3 Swedish Charts ☑Y
Yasmine Yes Japan Release Only ☑Y
1998 Jumper Välkommen Hit Gold ☑Y
1999 Monica Starck In From The Cold Japan Release Only ☑Y
Martin Svensson Fiskar Som Viskar ☑Y
2000 Martin Svensson Lyxproblem & Moderna Störningar ☑Y ☑Y
Charlotte Nilsson Jag Vill Bara Älskas Av Dig ☑Y
2001 Pop Shop Life On Mars Single ☑Y
Pop Shop How To Tango ☑Y
Anne-Lie Rydé En Riktig Man ☑Y
Jan Johansen Cross My Heart ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
2002 Dan Bäckman/Felix Herngren Jan Banan Swedish Comedy Master ☑Y ☑Y
Patrik Isaksson Dom Lyckliga 22 ☑Y
Patrik Isaksson Hur Kan Du Lova Mig ☑Y
4U 4U ☑Y
Melody Club Electric #1 Swedish Charts ☑Y
2003 Melody Club Music Machine #1 Swedish Charts & Gold ☑Y ☑Y
Wilmer X Lyckliga Hundar ☑Y
Lucas DelCourt Le Chaos ☑Y
Fredrik Kempe Finally ESC Sweden ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Fredrik Kempe With U All The Time ☑Y ☑Y
Karl Martindahl Love Turns Water Into Wine ESC Sweden ☑Y ☑Y
Anne-Lie Rydé Säg Att Du Har Ångrat Dig ESC Sweden ☑Y ☑Y
2004 Sara Löfgren Starkare Gold ☑Y ☑Y
Johan Becker Let Me Love You ☑Y ☑Y
Various Artists Fånga En Ängel ☑Y ☑Y
Arja Saijonmaa Vad Du Än Trodde Så Trodde Du Fel ESC Sweden ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
The Wallstones Invisible People ESC Sweden ☑Y ☑Y
The Wallstones Love Turns Water Into Wine ESC Sweden ☑Y
2005 Åsa Jinder Då Rädslan Tar Farväl ☑Y ☑Y
2006 Playzone 2006 Illusion ☑Y
Tackey & Tsubasa Go On Gold ☑Y
2007 Måns Zelmerlöw Ms America Gold ☑Y ☑Y
Nanne G Skor Gold ☑Y ☑Y
Nanne G Hornen I Pannan ☑Y ☑Y
Nanne G Kom Hit ☑Y ☑Y
Svante Thuresson/Anne-Lie Rydé Den Första Gången ESC Sweden ☑Y ☑Y
Regina Lund Rainbow Star ESC Sweden ☑Y ☑Y
2008 Måns Zelmerlöw Impossible ☑Y ☑Y
Måns Zelmerlöw A Stranger Saved My Life ☑Y ☑Y
Vox Archangeli Gregorian Chants EP ☑Y
Charlotte Perelli Black & Blue ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Charlotte Perelli Mountain ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Charlotte Perelli Holy Man ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Sanna Nielsen Out of Reach Gold ☑Y ☑Y
Måns Zelmerlöw Ms America Remake ☑Y ☑Y
2009 Annamaria Espinosa Innan Alla Ljusen Brunnit Ut ESC Sweden ☑Y ☑Y
Black Jack Summertime Blues ☑Y ☑Y
Molly Sandén Säg Att Det Är Regn ☑Y ☑Y
Molly Sandén Stanna Kvar ☑Y ☑Y
Molly Sandén Kärlek ☑Y ☑Y
2010 Black Jack Festival ☑Y ☑Y
Anne-Lie Rydé En Dans På Rosor ☑Y ☑Y
Taylor Dayne Facing a Miracle ☑Y
Anna Bergendahl This is my Life #1 Swedish Charts, Gold & ESC FINAL ☑Y ☑Y
Anna Bergendahl Yours Sincerely #1 Swedish Charts & Gold ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Didrik Solli-Tangen My Heart is Yours #1 Norwegian Charts, Gold & ESC FINAL ☑Y ☑Y
Gravitonas Kites ☑Y
2011 Malena Ernman I Det Fria ☑Y ☑Y
Jay Smith King of Man ☑Y ☑Y
King of Man ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
2012 Peter Jöback I Love Musicals ☑Y ☑Y
Ralf Gyllenhammar Bed On Fire #6 ESC Sweden Final ☑Y ☑Y
BlackJack Casino ☑Y ☑Y
2013 Linus Svenning För Varje Andetag ☑Y ☑Y Stockhouse


Bröder #3 ESC Sweden Final ☑Y ☑Y
2014 Pappa ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Various Artists Livet Är En Schlager ☑Y ☑Y
Linus Svenning Utan Dig ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y Stockhouse


Vita Bandet Josefin ☑Y ☑Y
Andreas Weise Christmas Dream EP


Over 9 million on Spotify, no commercials

☑Y ☑Y Firefly Entertainment AB

to 2017

Dan Sundquist Score music to Biopic "Whitney" Showed on Lifetime in the US ☑Y ☑Y Red One/ Larry Sanitsky Company LLC
Dan Sundquist Score music to documentary

"My Stolen Revolution"

Real Reel AB ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y Real Reel AB
Andreas Weise Date With Santa Follow-up single to Christmas Dream EP ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y Firefly Entertainment AB
Peter Jöback Phantom of The Opera Svenska Swedish version of the 1986 Classic ☑Y ☑Y Sony Entertainment Sweden AB

The Strandels

Chance of Rain Debut single for TEN act Strandels, same team as behind Zara Larsson ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y TEN
Andreas Weise Before Christmas EP GOLD

Over 3 million on Spotify, no campaigns

☑Y ☑Y ☑Y Firefly Entertainment AB
Steffo Hatten Av Hi Profile News Anchor Debut Single ☑Y ☑Y Nyhetsbolaget AB
Ibrahim Sprid Ditt Ljus Album Winner of Talang 2017

Christmas Songs in Swedish

☑Y ☑Y Sony Entertainment Sweden AB
Niklas Strömstedt Ett Ljus I Mörkret A Christmas single and a campaign song for 2017 Christmas Show at Grand Hotel, Stockholm ☑Y ☑Y Warner Music Sweden AB
Niklas Strömstedt En Gubbe Till ☑Y ☑Y Warner Music Sweden AB
Brolle I'm Coming Home For Christmas Debut Christmas song for velvet-voiced Oldies-Goldies singer Brolle ☑Y ☑Y PJP AB/Darkest Before Dawn AB
Jonas Gardell Det Finns En Väg Sweden's biggest comedian takes to the mike in

Eurovision 2018

☑Y ☑Y Warner Music Sweden AB


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