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For the Irish rugby player, see Daniel Riordan (rugby union). For the U.S. Representative from New York, see Daniel J. Riordan. For the Wisconsin State Senator, see Daniel E. Riordan.
Daniel Riordan
Occupation Voice actor
Known for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – Bhunivelze
Transformers: Robots in DisguiseMegatron/Galvatron

Daniel Riordan is a voice actor. He is best known for portraying Turbo Man in Jingle All the Way and providing the voice of Bhunivelze, the main antagonist of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.


Anime roles[edit]


Film roles[edit]

Video game roles[edit]


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Preceded by
David Kaye
Beast Wars
Voice of Megatron/Galvatron
Robots in Disguise
Succeeded by
David Kaye
Unicron Trilogy